Reasons It Is Time for A Garage Door Opener Replacement

A Garage Opener | Reasons It Is Time for A Garage Door Opener Replacement | Brisbane is the third biggest city in the country with about 2.27 million people residing in it. It is a green city, mainly due to its many sunny days every year. This fast-growing New World City has a vibrant urban life, subtropical climate, and a $154 billion economy. With this, more and more people are buying properties and building homes in Brisbane and would like to experience living there.

As with other main parts of your home, you want the opener of your garage door to last for a long time. While you may need to do a few repairs during its lifespan, you avoid changing the entire system too soon. But there are times you need to replace your existing system and consider buying new garage roller door openers in Brisbane, particularly if they are showing signs of security and safety challenges.

Look for these signs that your garage door opener has to be replaced:

  • It is malfunctioning. Is your garage door opener not as efficient as before? Over time, most machines will wear down, and if you do not take care of them properly, it can happen prematurely. If the garage door opener is showing signs that it is near the end of its service, for example, you have done some repairs quite a few times; maybe you need to find a new one. 
  • It is producing noise. How old is your garage door opener? Older systems tend to create sounds when opening and closing. New models offer reliable access and quieter operation. If your garage is constantly making noise when you open or close it, get a new system and have some peace of mind. 

Benefits of Buying a New Model 

Automatic reversal

It is a requirement to equip your garage door openers with an automatic reversing mechanism. It is a safety measure that uses sensors on either side of the garage door roughly 6 inches above the floor. So, the light beam passing the sensors hits a person, pet, or other objects, the garage door will instantly stop and change its direction. It is an essential safety reversing feature. Make sure your current garage door opener has one.

Increased security

Some garage door openers are unable to deter thieves. Older systems come with remote controls, which are susceptible to house breakers. A person who has some skill or a special device may access the fixed codes in the controls and open your garage door. 

If you are using this kind of system, seriously consider getting new garage roller door openers in Brisbane for your own safety. They have a unique feature that trespassers find it difficult to copy the code and gain access to your garage and home. 

Quieter operation

You may have an efficient garage door opener, but opening and closing your garage door causes a disruption due to its loud noise, you need to address this concern. Many new models available now are quieter and more efficient. 

Garage Door Safety Tips

  • Perform an inspection every month on your garage door, including testing the reversing feature of your garage door opener.
  • Keep the control button of your garage door opener out of reach of kids.
  • Make sure to lock the entry inside your house, and use a key chain remote.
  • When travelling or on vacation, it is better to unplug the system.
  • Do not neglect to leave your garage door open, even partially. It may go down when activated again and hit something or someone. 

Your garage door system is an important investment that you want to enjoy using for at least 10 to 15 years. If yours are over 15 years old, buy a new garage roll door opener now before something breaks, or an accident happens.