Reasons to Monitor your Kid’s Online Activities

Monitor your Kid’s Online Activities

by Kyla Camille Nievera, Negosentro |

Monitoring your kid’s online activity is something very essential to keep your children in the correct path of life. They need proper guidance and support that can help them to differentiate between right and wrong. Technological advancements these days have made it possible for people to connect to each other across the world. When your teen is online, it is mandatory for you to check what they are doing, what are they posting in social media profiles and whom are they interacting with. Internet is such a place where you need to be wise with your actions and be careful in how you act online.

Parents may think that they are invading their kid’s privacy when they are trying to monitor their kid’s online behavior. Teenage minds also may get offended when they feel that they are being monitored. These days, kids are smart and clever enough to hide things from you. Mobile parental control is very much required to keep your children in the right track of life. Online predators are always hiding behind a mask with an intention to harm you and your family. Parents always do not have the idea how their kids may land up in trouble, especially in this era of technological advancements. They must monitor their kids and prevent them from doing these kinds of online activities. The reasons to monitor their kids are as

Identify theft: Identity theft is a dangerous issue where fraudulent people are looking for ways to steal your identity and carry on antisocial activities. Teenage minds are easy target and they can be influenced easily. Unethical people tend to steal personal information online and compromise other people’s identity. This is easy to do when these fraudulent people contact teenage minds win their trust. So as a parent it is your responsibility to know your kid’s online activities and guide them towards what is right.

Prevent entry of viruses and Trojans: Often it has been seen that viruses and Trojans are disguised in the form alluring advertisements. Teens and adolescent minds tend to click on these advertisements and viruses are automatically downloaded in your system. This can result in dangerous consequences. Your keystrokes can be logged; passwords can be compromised, personal files and folders might be copied. It would not take much time for the hackers to figure out all the personal details from your personal computer. This can be prevented if you educate your kids about viruses and Trojans and continuously monitor their internet activities. Also ensure they are not clicking on any such ads that might be harmful for your system.

Sexting: Sexting is a common trend that is addictive amongst young generation. Young minds are exchanging messages and pictures that comprises of sexual content. This trend is spreading amongst teenage minds like a rapid wild fire with parents knowing the least about it. As a parent you should understand that you need to stop this at utmost priority.

Beware of credit card scams: Credit card scam is one of the most common types of cyber crime that is soaring with each passing day. The rate of credit card scams is increasing and adolescent minds are innocent enough to provide personal information to dishonest people. You need to be aware of this and prevent your kid from falling prey to any scam. Educate your kids about the kind of internet danger and how they need to safeguard themselves from it.

Cyber bullying: This is something that all kids will hesitate to inform you. Many times kids are subjected to cyber bullying where they are harassed by their friends. They suffer emotional torture and are very reluctant to inform this to their parents. Many times young minds are victims of this kind of distress and isolate themselves from the society. Talk to your kids and spend quality time with them so that they feel relaxed when they are with you.

Need to safeguard your child’s reputation: Kids are the future of any nation. It is very important for you to maintain your kid’s reputation online. You need to monitor and see that your kid must not offensive stuff online that may ruin their future ahead. Parents should take the initiative to keep on tracking their kids and prevent them from doing any offensive stuff online.

Be aware of online predators: The motive of online predators is to be friends with young generation and gradually involve them in different fraudulent activities. This can be very easily done with adolescent group of people who trust people easily and provide all personal information. It has been seen time and again that teenagers are behind drugs, unethical hacking and other sorts of illegal activities. This is largely due to a group of people that influence young minds to do unethical things in life. As a parent you have to make them realize that not everybody can be trusted, so one has to be careful enough while making friends.

Keep them away from inappropriate content: Teenagers seem to be interested in things that are inappropriate for their age groups. Browsing content, images and videos unsuitable for their age is something they often tend to do. Parents should ensure that kids are not browsing through websites that are not suitable for their age. Try blocking those websites and keywords that seem to be harmful for your kid.

These are some of the reasons for which you need to monitor your kid’s online activity. Be their friend, talk to them and spend some quality time with them, also explain them the pros and cons of internet. These are some of the reasons for which constant monitoring of online activities is required. A child monitoring app can help you to keep a track of your kid’s online activity and help them to live a healthy life. Internet can be used in both good and bad ways. A child’s online presence needs proper guidance and support. Parents can sit back from the comforts of their home and track the activities of your kids. Kids are smart these days, but parents have to be smarter enough to deal with kids and nurture them for a bright future ahead.