Reasons to Dine at Ricciotti Italian Restaurant in Singapore

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You’ll lose count of the restaurants offering delicious meals in Singapore. But if it’s Italian food you’re craving for, then you should visit and dine at Ricciotti Italian restaurant in Singapore. Let us give you a few reasons to do so:


It is nothing but hard to find authentic Italian food. Luckily, the great minds behind Ricciotti were able to bring such authenticity in the heart of Singapore. Divine chefs made sure that every meal is made of only premium ingredients. From antipasti, insalate, secondi, pane,  primi piatti, pizza, dolce to small bites, everything is prepared and cooked the Italian way. No doubt that every customer feels like he is dining in Italy for real.


If you’re in the hunt for a complete Italian dining experience in Singapore, Ricciotti is a place to be. They are like literally bringing Italy to you. Since its very conception, this restaurant has embraced every aspect that make up Italy’s exciting lifestyle. According to its Managing Director, Ottavio Gori, they have been keen on details even in regards to design, music, and modern art. So if you ever miss a typical dining setup back home in Italy, you only have to dine at Ricciotti.

Food for Good

Ricciotti management is truly thankful to have returning customers (that even bring new ones with them) for more than a decade. They believe that it is indeed a blessing and that’s why they aim to contribute to the society the best way they can.

Aside from providing food for charity events, they have been developing a movement called “Caffe Sospeso” or “Suspended Coffee” which has started in Naples in Italy way back during the 19th century. It aims to prompt people to experience a genuine feeling of helping strangers in need.
I bet you can’t simply agree from reading all these. It’s still best to try it yourself. The staffs can’t wait to serve you. Do your reservations now.