Reasons to support mission societies

Mission Societies
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WorldExecutivesDigest.comReasons to support mission societies | In times like the current pandemic, everyone is surviving on faith and hope. Expressing belief in the superior being always provides one with warmth, comfort, and confidence. St Columbans Mission Society is one such society present in Australia that does not only commit to missionary work but is also actively involved in doing the greater good for the community. 

Missionary societies educate the community and its people about Jesus Christ and Christianity. They also carry out a bunch of other humanitarian work that benefits society. They serve loyalty towards lord Jesus first and then to the church. Each missionary helps the community differently. Their kind of work depends on what they perform best at. Many of them educate society if they’re good at communication. Missionaries that are good at physical activities perform fieldwork to help out those in need with their knowledge and body. 

Many of these missionaries can be combined with organizations overseas to spread their impact to the world too. It forms a bond between a chain of believers and brings them together to express this faith together. This society welcomes everyone with open arms to provide comfort, shelter, and protection. There are self-funded, church-funded, or many other types of missionaries that earn their revenue from various sources to function. They also participate in overseas activities that earn them money. Missionaries focus on evangelist methods to spread their preachings and ideas for the community to participate in. A good missionary educates everyone about the lord to take after their departure. 

Missionaries can either be long term or short term. Short term missionaries participate in several projects and then take leave, while long term missionaries are dedicated to achieving their mission throughout their life. Each of which is charitable and appreciable work. 

Education is one of the major social works a missionary performs. Jesus believed in children, and a missionary fulfils this aspect by teaching young minds. One has probably heard of missionaries teaching in foreign countries. This teaching is for those who do not have access to privileges or luxuries of education and wealth. Missionaries also help in saving a person. They provide social justice to the public or an individual who needs to be rescued. They only help people recognize their worth and issue confidence in them, so they believe in themselves. 

These societies are widely spread everywhere with branches even. St Columbans Mission Society is present in 16 countries and works with several laypeople and its priests to a better life. On this note, missionaries can be more than just a spiritual awakening or belief. It can also be a massive job opportunity. In return for joining the path of evangelism, one earns respect and money to lift themselves from desperate or tough life situations. This opportunity provides them with a reason to live and work for God. 

Missionary societies invest in the medical well being of the general public too. They help organize or take part in medical drives or missions that help the ailing. They educate them about health along with treating them too. Missionaries rescue whom the world has treated unfairly. They change the lives of the ones that have faced adversities and resorted to wrong behaviour. They help orphans, the poor, the homeless, and many others who require it. They also provide a sort of rehabilitation for prisoners who previously indulged in criminal activities but want to change their lives by following God’s path. The path of faith, belief, and wisdom. 

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