Right Choice Of Plantation Shutters Can Enhance The Beauty Of A Home

Plantation Shutters

WorldExecutivesDigest.com | Right Choice Of Plantation Shutters Can Enhance The Beauty Of A Home | If you want security as well as enhance the beauty of your home at the same time, then installing plantation shutters may seem to the be the most feasible choice. These specific window treatments are attractive, functional and offer protection without sacrificing on the modern features and styles of your home. These are popular choice especially in hot and humid climate. It controls entry of light and air and during summer it protects you from the heat glare and during winter it insulates the room. These are easy to operate and clean and thereby are the most popular low maintenance addition to a home.

If you are looking for best energy-efficient window covering options, then you need to consider Plantation shutters which can improve the overall look of your home and will also increase the home’s energy efficiency. IF you are planning to sell your house in near future then you need to install good quality plantation shutters.

History of It

No matter how it sounds, typically these plantation shutters have a royal and elegant history. These attractive shutters get its name from the large sprawling mansions of Antebellum South in America. Remember Gone with The Wind? These are large, stately and elegant symbols of the ear gone by that are usually made of reinforced wood.

When you install plantation shutters to your home your will create the much-required design balance apart from providing security. It will not take up much of the visual space as a standard curtain would. It will also provide a very impressive textural contrast to the room interior.

Reasons to Install

There are several reasons to install plantation shutters in your home as is mentioned below:

  • Aesthetics: There is no doubt about the attractive features of these shutters that come in a wide variety of finishes, sizes as well as mounting options. It will fit with any décor to offer a clean and cohesive look throughout. You can even paint them white or go for natural stain.
  • Privacy: You will get enough light in but keep out the prying eyes out of your room just like mini-blinds. Therefore, this is best for privacy as well as light. You can even look out but others cannot look in if you angle these in a specific manner.
  • Ventilation: You will get a lot of fresh air in without having to sacrifice your privacy as these shutters will ensure proper ventilation to allow the air flow in. These shutters will not rattle with the air flow and clang, bang, and flutter due to it like mini-blinds or any other type of window treatment.

If you install custom plantation shutters or a standard one, you will get a warranty for its durability. You will not need to replace these as frequently as other window treatments making it less expensive over the years without going out of style and fashion down the road.

Choosing Quality Shutters

Several factors go in to choose the right type of plantation shutters. Apart from the high quality and design factor, you must also consider the installation aspect of these shutters when you buy. Other than that, there are a few fundamental features that you need to check out so that you do not end up buying a cheap Chinese plantation shutter made of basswood. Always go for a reliable and reputed manufacturer even if it costs you a couple of hundred dollars more.

It must be energy efficient, thicker than Chinese shutters and better shape of the louvers. It will also have a proper tension adjustment as well. Ideally, good shutters will have a screw that can be loosened or tightened to adjust the tension of the louvers easily when you need it after years of using these specific window treatments. Inferior shutters will have a plastic pin in it that you cannot adjust and cannot be removed once the shutter is installed. Therefore, make these checks to make your shutters last long and worthy.