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Right Watch Size – Timepieces are precisely multifaceted accessories, they are one of the finest inventions that can make people fashionably and distinguished individuals. However, it’s not always the case for those randomly picking a watch that doesn’t match their size. Remember fashion also requires balance and proportion, what more if it’s an essential accessory such as a wristwatch.


Importance of Right Watch Size

Unlike other body parts, your wrist is not something you can hide. And you shouldn’t, because whether you have a small, medium or large wrist it is where you can tell the world how you carry your fashion. You can do this by being sharp in choosing what timepiece to wear.

Security and convenience. Buyers with small to medium wrists, if not careful, tend to purchase watches that too big.  Often, these timepieces also have bands that too loose for wrists so they slide and become prone to scratches, bumps, and breakages. Thus, the right watch size will make you avoid the inconvenience of bringing your timepiece to a repair shop due to damage or missing parts.

Comfort. Considering the right watch size also lets you comfortably wear your timepiece all day long. It will not irritate your skin and hurt your wrist because it’s loose enough. It is also tight enough which allows you to move around as if it’s part of your body.


How to choose the right watch size?

The first step to find the right watch size is simply to find your wrist measure. You can do it using a tape measure. In case you don’t have, you can get a piece ribbon, straw, wire or anything you can wrap around your wrist.  You just need to have a mark on it or even cut it so as to measure it in centimeter using any ruler. When you know your measurements, then it’s time to evaluate whether your wrist is small, medium, or large. Usually, 14 cm to 17 cm is considered small to medium, while wrist size above 18 cm is large.

If you know your exact wrist size, then you have all means to know the right watch that matches you. The factors to consider are the following:

The Case of the Band figure. The width of the band (strap or bracelet) is important because, as mentioned, too small or too big size of it will give you discomfort. But apart from the circumference, you also have to take note that the band should be proportion to watch case diameter and thickness. The band should be half the size of the case diameter. Below is the right watch size in terms of case diameter and thickness, and bandwidth:


Small wrist size                - 38 mm to 40 mm case diameter

                                - 6 mm to 8 mm thickness

                                - 16 mm to 20 mm band width


Medium wrist size               - about 42 mm case diameter

                                - 8 to 12 mm thickness

                                - 21 mm band width


Large wrist size                - 44 to 46 mm case diameter

                                - 9 mm thickness or more

                                - 22 to 23 band width.

Choosing case thickness is actually something about traditional watchmaking. Their thickness or thinness is normally based on the smallness or bigness of the case diameter. Thus conventionally, case thickness depend on case diameter and when it is not proportion, it looks odd or awkward. But nowadays, it’s a matter of individual taste. It is because some timepiece manufactures also offer large watches with thin cases.

The small or big elements. Perhaps it just creates an illusion, but what’s inside or around the watch case and the band’s material can make your watch appears small or big too. Bands made of metals appear heavy and big than leather or nylon so they look fine for large wrists. It is same with big subdials, crown, hands, and other noticeable parts in the case. On the other note, these details are also matters of style so you can consider it or not. Furthermore, there are watchmakers that produce timepieces that look perfect for small or medium wrist sizes even they have metal bracelets or heavy designs.

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