Roofing Sunshine Coast Guide | It can easily be said that every structure of your house is important when it comes to proper safety of yourself and your family members from the elements and various other external dangers. When the different external parts of your house are subjected to the rapid changes of nature on a regular basis, it automatically weakens them. This is also true when it comes to the roofing of your house. If you fail to take proper care of the external parts of your house, these may get damaged and will fail to provide proper protection. Thus, it is very important that you fix any minor problem that you notice with your house, especially the roof.

Signs That You Need a New Roof

Fixing the roof is not a simple and cheap job says Dragon Roofing. It involves proper planning and happens to be a rather costly investment. If your roof looks new and solid, it will automatically increase the overall value of your house. Here are some signs that prove the requirement to a new roof for your house.

  • It Is Visible That the Shingles Have Worn Out: If you fail to take good care of your house, you will eventually notice that most of the colored granules of the roof are missing. This will make your roof appear weak and with bald spots. Although the shingles may effectively keep the moisture out, deficit of reflective granules will simply allow excess heat inside your house that will automatically increase the temperature inside your rooms. This will also increase your air conditioning costs.
  • Shingles Appear Curled and Cupped: Although this problem looks pretty bad, it gets worse when it comes to wind driven moisture. It will be very simple for wind driven moisture to enter under the shingles and also into the roof deck. This will cause leaks and rot over time.
  • Multiple Leaks Experienced by Your Family Members: Although you may spend most of the time outside at your workplace, it may so happen that your family members had experienced multiple cases of leaks. This is quite possible as the roof of your house ages and parts of the roof fail to provide proper protection. Better get it repaired or replaced before it gets too late.

Is It Possible to Put Another Layer of Shingles on The Roof?

According to the universal building codes, you are allowed to get a maximum of 2 layers of shingles on your roof. However, there may be situations wherein tearing off the single layer and putting a brand new one will seem like a good idea. Some of these situations are discussed under.

  1. There is a proof of a damage to the roof deck that may include sagging or soft spots or even a significant leaking that needs immediate repair.
  2. The flashing on the upper story, around the chimneys and dormers allows leaks or is loose should always be replaced.
  3. A combination of 2 layers may prove to be too heavy for the roof structure, especially in areas that experience frequent heavy snowfall.