How to Select the Appropriate Electric Chain Hoist


Reynaldo Beltran, World Executives Digest | Selecting an appropriate electric chain hoist for work purpose can be a tough job as a lot of factors club together when you are about to take this kind of decision. A lot of questions will come in your mind regarding the suitable hoist that will serve your purpose.

This kind of heavy lifting item is widely used in the industry and mostly they are used for lifting or lowering heavy loads. An automated chain hoist is much better than manual chain hoist as there is less risk and it gets the job done quickly.

For selecting the appropriate hoist, there are a lot of factors you have to take into consideration like size, power, speed, length, etc. However, it is always smart to opt for coherent choices because it is futile to lift the small weight with a powerful crane electric chain hoist.

It is quite easy to find electric chain hoist as they are easily available in the online market and you can get access to many international companies and find hoists which might not be available in your local stores. There is a checklist that you can follow to find the right one that will serve your purpose efficiently.  

Selecting the Appropriate Electric Chain Hoist

Keep this checklist in to do when choosing electric chain hoist for your application:

  • Capacity is a crucial factor you should look into when selecting a chain hoist and you should know maximum capacity you need for lifting. You will find the option of 1 ton, half a ton, 1/4 ton, 4 ton, etc. and depending on the pickup weight, you should opt for the nearest full number capacity.
  • Before selecting the hoist, you should find out the lift amount of your application which will ensure a smooth work flow. However, to see the lift amount you should consider the location of the load and where the chain will hoist hang. You should carefully choose the size of the lift as the price increases with every foot.
  • Speed is another criterion you need to determine before selection, and it depends upon your flow of work. A lot of factors determine the speed of electric chain hoist and depending upon items you will be lifting, you should decide the speed. For raising a fragile item, it is best to opt for 2 feet per minute but the sturdy item you can go for 30 feet per minute.
  • You also have to consider power source because different places have different incoming power. Small scale industries use single phase while large manufacturers use three phase powers. So, depending upon your power phase voltage, you should buy electric chain hoist.
  • Pendant control cable length is a crucial factor that comes in the checklist when deciding hoist and you should make all the calculation before selection. There is option of modification, and many companies trim the size of the cable length.
  • When selecting chain hoist, you have to decide between lug mount and chain mount, and both have the different attribute. Suspension factor entirely depends upon the space of the load lifting area so you should decide accordingly.
  • Your checklist should also include the type of trolley that will be convenient for your work as there are three types of the trolley; plain trolley, geared trolley and motorized trolley. Among this three, motorize trolley serves as the perfect one because it makes the work easier.

Beam serves as one of the major items in the selection process, and there are three types of the beam which include I Beam, Patented Track and WF Beam. Each beam has different application, and you should talk with an expert before deciding your beam.