SEO Tips From Industry Experts: An Infographic and E-books Can Help

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Rajat Chakraborty, Negosentro |  Before the invention of the internet, there were the yellow pages. In order to find businesses that people were looking for, they searched through the books to find those businesses. Businesses were listed in these pages and if you couldn’t find what you were looking for, you were pretty much out of luck unless you knew someone who knew someone. Now, the internet takes place of the yellow pages and search engines match our inquiries for us.

Since pretty much everything is done on the internet in terms of searching for businesses, it’s important for businesses to be able to be found. This includes search engine optimization (better known as SEO). The top experts in SEO have a lot to say for this field.

“SEO isn’t all about optimizing your site for search, but also about optimizing for people.” – by Dharmesh Shah, the CTO of HubSpot

This means that you should know your audience. Think about what they’re searching for and build on it. People don’t generally search for one or two keywords; they look for phrases. One or two words will generate thousands of leads. A phrase that’s specific to your industry will be more likely to point toward your website than the millions of others just like it. Therefore, know what people are searching for when they look for your website.

“Ranking on the 1st page is not enough. Marketers should focus on the conversion rate as well.” – by Rand Fishkin, the CEO of SEOmoz

Even if you’re number one, it won’t mean much if you didn’t earn your place. You aren’t getting leads and customers. You also aren’t staying at number one for any length of time. You have to create content that means something so that people are excited to come to your site. Make them want to share it. Tell people about it. Make them want to explore your site and stay longer. If they’re sharing and subscribing to you, Google knows you’re the best. That’s how you can tell you’re publishing content that’s actually meaningful.

“Link building now focuses on original, high-quality content which gives nothing but value.” – by Stephanie Chang, SEO Consultant for Distilled

Inbound links are equated to money on the internet. If you’re selling crap, you’ll receive nothing. If you want your rankings to improve, your content has to as well. Fantastic content will ensure that you have what you need and there are no shortcuts here. You just have to do what’s right with great content.

“Keep thinking about the value you’d like to create and the keywords that will match this value.” – by Greg Shuey, the Vice President of Client Sales (

You want a majority of your traffic to be lead generating traffic. You want people to keep coming back for more. You also want people to be sharing your site and subscribing to it. If you find that people are coming to your site but not generating these things, you may want to refine your keywords. Not everyone will become a customer and that’s fine. However, if you find that most people who come to your site just leave, then you want to rethink your strategy. Use closed-loop reporting to do this since it will help ensure that your page is getting qualified traffic.

E-book writing can also help with making sure that your SEO strategy works. Write a short e-book on your choice of topics that reflect your business and publish it on your site. Have it available as a free download. This will help traffic move into your website. It’s a simple, free means of generating more traffic and getting more customers. These books will help generate interest in your website and push customers in. Plus, people love getting free stuff.

Finding businesses online can be as easy as typing in a few keywords. Being found, however, can get tricky, especially if you’re a small business. That’s where SEO comes in. Knowing your customers is important in order to get the right keywords. You have to be able to be found in order for customers to use you. Humans are the ones making these inquiries, so know your audience. Don’t just boast about being on the first page. Earn it. Produce content that is meaningful in some way. Provide your customers with content that makes their lives better. Have great content so that your inbound links can help your rankings go up. Don’t forget that you want your traffic to be lead generating. Not everyone will be a customer, but you want the majority of your traffic to be. So use your keywords to your advantage and don’t forget that writing an e-book can help. Every little bit helps when it comes to SEO and you should use all of the tricks afforded to you.

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