Shades of Red Lehenga That You Will Fall Hard For! | Shades of Red Lehenga That You Will Fall Hard For! | When it comes to Bridal lehenga, every bride dreams of red colour! We know this very well, we learn about your red lehenga daydreaming! With so many colours coming around, right from lilac to turquoise, red remains our most favourite colour! And before you step out to buy your perfect bridal lehenga, we have surfed the internet well enough for you. We have shortlisted some shades of red you can check out for your dream lehenga. And trust me you will fall hard for almost every shade of red!

red lehenga
Image Via Jayanti Reddy
  • Scarlet Red

With a slight tinge of orange, scarlet red could be a perfect shade for a sundowner wedding. You can experiment this shade with gold, and you can set some major #goals for your friends. 

  • Crimson Red

    Image Via Pinterest
    Image Via Pinterest

With a slight of purple, crimson red can be a colour for a millennial bride. If you want to add some different tinge in your lehenga, then go for this shade! 

  • Maroon

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If you are planning to wear diamonds on your wedding, then maroon is made just for you. You can have this colour for your lehenga and can rock the night! 

  • Raspberry

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Usually called as cool red, raspberry has beautiful shades of pink, purple and red. Having a gorgeous embroidery on this shade can make your look unforgettable. 

  • Blush Red

    blush red
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If you love the muted colour tones then blush red is that one color for you. It looks fresh, modern & beautiful. So what are you waiting for? Go give it a shot! 

  • Brick Red

    brick red
    via Pinterest

This warm brownish-red colour can win a million hearts. It looks super gorgeous on a bride and wearing this colour would give others some #lehenga goals.

  • Mahogany

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This colour had a stunning comeback in the last 2-3 years, and it looks super gorgeous and can stand out with beautiful jewellery. 

  • Rose Red

    rose red
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Last but not least, this very old school colour has already won a million hearts. As they say, somethings can never go wrong, and this is one such shade of red. We are sure you have already fallen for one color for your dream lehenga!