Simple Troubleshooting Tips to Fix a Mac that Won’t Boot

Simple Troubleshooting MAC | Simple Troubleshooting Tips to Fix a Mac that Won’t Boot | When your Mac would not turn on, the quickest thing to do to settle the matter is to call the expert. They know how to deal with issues like this. However, there is no problem if you want to give your troubleshooting skills a try. There are multiple factors why your computer would not turn on. The method you have to use to fix these issues would highly depend on the responsiveness or unresponsiveness of your Mac. 

If your Mac is completely unresponsive, the power issue might need to be fixed. If, on the contrary, your Mac is only slightly responsive, you might need to fix some severe problems. In this case, a professional mac repair service might be required. When you hear its fan start-up or if you hear its restart noises, these are indications of some complicated issues. 

Unresponsive Macs

If your Mac is completely unresponsive, the first thing you need to look at and check is the power source. Is your electric socket working? If you cannot hear fan noises or the typical Apple chime, look for external reasons that might keep your computer from turning on. 

  1. Check your Mac’s charger 

Though this might be an obvious thing to do, unfortunately, some people easily forget this part. Before you try other hacks, it is best to check your charger first. The Mac’s charging cable is connected to your computer and power source. Check the cable if it is intact or if there are tears and exposed wires. You might be surprised to know that either of these is the real culprit. 

It will also help if you try to use another outlet to double-check. You can try plugging another device into the very same outlet to see if it is working. Another way of checking your charger is by swapping out the adapter or the charger itself. 

  1. Force restart your computer 

Another hack you can try to check an unresponsive Mac is to conduct a power cycle. This means that you might need to restart your computer forcefully. To do this, hold down your MacBook laptop’s power button for around 10 seconds. If you are using a desktop Mac, you have to unplug your computer for 10 seconds before plugging it back in. 

Semi-responsive Macs

If you can still hear your computer make a sound, but you cannot get it to boot all the way, you can apply these methods to fix your issue before calling in for mac repair: 

  1. Check the display for possible issues 

If you have a separate monitor attached to your Mac, you need to unplug its video cable for 10 seconds before you plug it back in. Also, check if all the other wires are securely connected to the Mac and power source. 

You can also check the computer’s brightness settings. Your computer’s brightness might be so low that at a glance, it will look like it is off. You should press and hold the F2 button to adjust the brightness and see if this is the problem. 

  1. Operate your computer in Safe Mode 

To initiate this, try pressing the computer’s power button while holding the ‘shift’ key down. As soon as you see the computer’s login screen, release the ‘shift’ key. If your computer turns on, its inactivity might be your interface looking different than usual. 

If your computer successfully boots in Safe Mode, you will see the indicator found on the top-right portion of the screen. From here, you can explore some troubleshooting options to fix the root cause of all the booting issues. You might have to consider these actions — running a virus scan, reset your PRAM or Parameter RAM, and check your computer file system. 

If, after trying these troubleshooting tips, your computer would still not turn on, it is high time for you to call for a professional mac-repair centre. For those who are adamant of troubleshooting their Macs, the best route to take is to call in for help as soon as you experience issues with your Mac. 

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