Six Tricks to a Better Website for your Business

Better Website 2020-World Executives Digest

WorldExecutivesDigest|Six Tricks to a Better Website for your Business|When was the last time you updated your business’ homepage? As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to update every three to four years. However, with technology rapidly evolving, it is always good to run a quick check to make sure your site is matching your and your client’s needs. Here are six quick tips for keeping your website beautiful and ahead of the game.  

Identify Your Customers 

The first thing you want to do when looking at your website’s design is to think about your clients. Who do you want to use your website? It is easy to create a site that may visually suit your plan, but may not be what your clients will use. Think about who will be using your page when creating an overall design. Taking the time to understand your audience will help you come up with one that your clients will want to use.  

Give Their Eyes a Break 

When looking at any website changes, take the time to consider what will be eye-catching for your page, as well as what will not be too distracting or hard to read. This includes checking that the font colors are not difficult to read, and the style adds to the page and not distracts. No one wants to repeat the design mistakes of the past. Working with your website designer, come up with a plan for a page that is both attractive and usable.  

Dress Up Your Page 

Once you have identified your clients and made your design plans, take the time to identify which graphics will serve your website best. Unique and attention-grabbing images are great tools for keeping your customers on the page and directing them to what information you want them to see first. Working with a designer, you can come up with a beautiful website design Sydney that brings together your page and ensures it is keeping your customers’ attention. 

Put Security First 

Online security is a major issue. There is a growing amount of concern regarding personal data and how companies are using it. When planning your page, make sure to put security first. Check that your company has a plan in place that ensures data security and a team that is ready to deal with any data breach. An easy step is to utilize one of the many services available. Do a quick check to see what information your customers are seeing and whether your site addresses their concerns. 

Maintain Your Customers  

People in marketing often talk about keeping websites ‘sticky.’ If you are unfamiliar with this word, then you are not alone. This term refers to a website that the customers continue to use once they have opened it, including clicking on different links from the page and interacting with the materials. If someone is only clicking on the page, then leaving, you have already lost them. To make your page ‘sticky’ you can utilize beautiful designs and graphics, make the page easy to navigate, and finally ensure that the information stays relevant and up to date. This will keep your customers interested and coming back for more. 

Keep It Usable  

Now that you have finished your overall design, take the time to do a quick technology check. This includes looking on different devices such as cell phones, tablets, or laptops. You want to ensure that your page maintains your design, while remaining usable, no matter how your customers use the page. When doing these checks, be sure to look at both the navigation and aesthetics. Do these regularly to ensure compatibility with OS updates and guaranteeing your page is usable no matter what. 

A website is your company’s storefront. Take the time to care for it and make sure that the page is meeting your company’s and customer’s needs. Even when not doing an overall update of your website, take the time check that your site is growing with your audience.