Sleeping During the First Trimester: Important Positions to Understand

Sleeping During the First Trimester
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World Executives Digest | Sleeping During the First Trimester: Important Positions to Understand | According to, mothers-to-be need to sleep for 7 long hours to remain healthy. It is obvious that women are going to feel extremely tired when they are pregnant, especially during the first trimester, and this is why they require a lot of sleep, in comparison to the amount of sleep, which they required before. The symptoms of early pregnancy include anxiety, drowsiness, heartburn, nausea, indigestion, etc. This is why it is important that you have knowledge about the two best sleeping positions so that you can sleep like a little baby.

Sleeping on the side

Doctors suggest that when you are pregnant, you should sleep on your side as opposed to sleeping on your back or front. However, you need to know that the ideal position of sleeping is when you are turning to the left, and resting your body. Sleeping on your right is responsible for developing pressure on your liver and that is something that should be strictly avoided. Left is the best possible position, as it does not allow your growing uterus to exert any pressure on your liver.

This is helpful for the fetus as well as it can get enough nutrients and oxygen through the placenta. It is also responsible for improving the circulation of blood and reduces all the energy for drawing the flow of blood for both the baby as well as the mother. Alternating to the right side for a little time is alright, but make sure that you are not sleeping on your right for long.

Sleeping on your back

During your initial stage of getting pregnant, you have the option of sleeping on your back, especially if you are comfortable in that particular position. However, as you are advancing with your pregnancy, it is suggested that you avoid laying flat. The reason behind this is that as the uterus starts growing, it is going to exert pressure on the back muscles, blood vessels, spine, as this will help in altering the flow of blood to the baby.

Sleeping on your back will be responsible for muscle pains, hemorrhoids, and swelling. This position can cause the pressure levels to drop, which is responsible for dizziness. For most of the pregnant women, elevation in their pressure level is responsible for snorting, which, in turn, leads to sleep apnea, added Kidsco. Sleep apnea is responsible for shallow breaths when sleeping.

If you decide to sleep or even rest on your back, you need to take the help of pillows. This position is ideal for women who are suffering from acidity or heartburn. Your first trimester is the ideal time for adjusting yourself to turn to your left and sleep, which is undoubtedly your perfect position.

Sleeping aid

You can opt for sleeping aids as they can help in providing comfort. You can take pillows for supporting yourself. Try to sleep at a proper time on a regular basis, so that you do not feel tired. Most women who experience REM sleep always choose the ideal mattresses.


If you follow these sleeping habits, you will be able to create a comfortable position for your baby and you. Also, you will not go through any pain in any part of your body if the sleeping position is perfect.