Social Media Presence Dwindling? Try These 5 Tricks

Social Media Presence Dwindling? Try These 5 Tricks Social Media Platforms | Social Media Presence Dwindling? Try These 5 Tricks | Building a strong social media presence has never been more critical. Regardless of whether you are a business looking to reach more prospects online, or a solopreneur looking to build your personal brand, social media is the key to creating and retaining consumer interest in your services. With over 3.6 billion people using social media globally, the growth potential truly is infinite. If you are struggling to invigorate your dwindling social media presence, try these five tricks: 

Conduct Meaningful Market Research

While the process of creating content is fairly straightforward, you have to conduct thorough market research within your industry to gauge what type of content will best resonate with your target consumers. Holistic market research should include insight on content topics, content formats, hashtag research, and engagement strategies, and buyer journeys. 

Find Your Niche

People today want to be able to go beyond just knowing a brand – they want to be able to connect with the brand’s values on a personal level. The most effective way to do this would be to find a niche and stick to it. Finding a niche is relatively simple – think about your skills and interests and then ideate how to use them to add value to your target consumers in a profitable way. When you are genuinely passionate about the content you put out, it has a better chance of standing out, both in terms of value and relatability. 

Optimize Your Instagram Profile for Search 

An update rolled out in November of 2020 made Instagram incredibly search-friendly, allowing users to search for keywords even without the use of hashtags. Strategically using keywords in your profile name and bio can help you reach people looking for similar items and services. For instance, if you offer social media marketing services, adding “Social Media Marketer” to your profile can significantly improve visibility to your target audience. You can take this one step further by using these keywords as often as possible in your captions and hashtags as well. You can also outsource this step by hiring a trained copywriter to write high-converting social media copy for your profiles. 

Hire a Social Media Strategist 

Hiring a social media strategist can help you develop an actionable strategy to elevate your content and social media presence. Social media strategists are trained professionals who can help you gain insight into the inner workings of different platforms and help you use their algorithms to your advantage. In addition to helping you strategically plan and create content, they can also help you build a brand identity and a sustainable engagement plan to nurture your existing audience. 

Build a Pinterest Presence

Creators are only just beginning to take the potential of Pinterest seriously. The most advantageous feature of Pinterest is that it essentially works like a search engine, so using SEO to your advantage on Pinterest can help you increase your reach exponentially. Pinterest also has an unparalleled click-through ratio, so adding a compelling call to action to your pins is guaranteed to increase conversion rates. 

Over the course of this decade, social media marketing is expected to outperform traditional marketing, so now is the time to strategically evaluate your profiles for maximum growth. | Social Media Presence Dwindling? Try These 5 Tricks