Solar Panel Mounting: Why You Should Probably Leave It to the Experts

    World Executives Digest| Solar Panel Mounting: Why You Should Probably Leave It to the Experts |Do-it-yourself home projects are more popular than ever, yet for one as complex as solar panels, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

    Installing solar panels on your home saves money on utility bills, increases the value of your home up to $15,000, and reduces the amount of greenhouse gases.

    But, solar panel mounting is delicate and requires more than just nailing them to your roof.

    Keep reading below to learn why you should be hiring an expert to install solar panels.

    Solar Panel Mounting Pros Have Experience

    As with any service for your home, experience is key.

    Solar installers possess years of experience. They’ve completed hundreds, if not thousands, of projects. They’ll know when something isn’t right.

    One example of this is deciding whether to install solar panels on the ground vs. roof. They will notice immediately if your roof isn’t in the right position to support panels and recommend a ground installation.

    It probably doesn’t sound ideal for many homeowners, but there are benefits to having ground-mounted solar panels.

    They won’t damage your roof, they’re easier to maintain and can be expanded in the future without much fuss.

    DIY Savings Come With More Headaches

    You will indeed save money by installing solar panels on your own. You can order an affordable kit from an online retailer and save on paying for labor.

    But, the problem is most people don’t realize how complicated it can be.

    You need to be highly-skilled at construction and know how to do electrical work, which can be very dangerous even for the most experienced tradesperson.

    Now here’s where solar kits fool most customers.

    They aren’t designed to be connected to the utility grid, meaning you won’t be able to sell back the electricity you harvest.

    If these panels are your sole power source, you’ll need to make sure they’re producing enough to power everything you need.

    Solar Installers Are Official Gatekeepers

    Most people get solar panels because they’re hoping to save money on electricity, but you’ll never do this if you aren’t connected to the grid.

    Utility companies won’t allow you to connect to the grid unless a professional, licensed installer signs off on the project. You’ll also want their approval to take advantage of most tax incentives as well.

    Home solar installation requires permits to be filed.

    If you hire a solar company to do the job, they’ll take care of all the required paperwork. And they also know the ins and outs of local regulations.

    As part of the permitting process, a representative from your city or county will need to inspect the solar panels. If the inspection fails, you’ll have to start over.

    Why not hire a professional to do it right the first time?

    Read More About Solar Panels

    Are you considering solar panels on your home? Remember that it’s important to do your research in advance and hire an expert to get the job done.

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