Spouse of the Year: How to Plan a Surprise Vacation For Your Significant Other

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Maybe it’s Valentine’s Day, maybe it’s another holiday or anniversary, maybe you’re just feeling whimsical, but no matter what your reason is, you’re going to plan an amazing surprise vacation for your spouse! You can’t wait to start getting all the details together and planning the trip. 

You know that your spouse isn’t going to expect any of it, and you can’t wait to see the reaction. There’s only one thing that’s stopping you from planning the most amazing surprise trip of all times: the planning process.

If you’re looking to plan the ultimate surprise vacation for your spouse but don’t know where to begin, continue reading below. Here’s everything you need to know to help make this surprise perfect!

  1. Choose Your Experience

Your first step is to choose the experience you want to have with your spouse. You can’t begin planning anything until you know what kind of trip you want to plan. Where do you want to go? 

What do you want to do? You can look up things to do online in the area that you want to visit. Once you know the hotel, the activities, and the dates for the trip, you can then move on to the next step.

  1. Clear Both Schedules 

Your next step is to clear both you and your spouse’s schedules. This might be a bit tricky when trying to keep things a surprise. There’s a good chance that you’ll need help from others for this step. 

Contact your spouse’s employer and explain the surprise to them. If this is not an option, then consider speaking with a co-worker of your spouse to get some insight on how to get the time off for him or her. Be sure to plan in advance to give the employer enough time. 

Don’t forget to clear your own schedule as well!

  1. Consider a Romantic Package

Once both schedules are cleared, you can book the flight, hotel, and everything else! Consider a romantic package as many hotels, motels, and other places offer these. A romantic package could be the icing on the cake for the perfect surprise trip.

Most packages include a room with Jacuzzi, roses on the bed, champagne, and more! You can also save money and put these things together yourself!

  1. Use a Separate Credit or Debit Card

Before you hit submit on the booking site, be sure you’re using a credit or debit card that isn’t associated with your spouse. It’ll be a big bummer if you put in the effort to keep it a surprise only for him or her to ask about a hotel booking on your bank statement.

If need be, give the money to a friend or family member and then have them use their card to pay for it.  

What Surprise Vacation Are You Planning? 

Whatever surprise vacation you’re planning for your spouse, he or she is sure to love it! Keep these tips in mind to ensure you keep it a surprise as well. Once the trip is booked and the days before departure arrives, SURPRISE!

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Image Credit: https://www.pexels.com/