Step up Your Playlist Game: How to Download Audio From Any Website

Playlist | Step up Your Playlist Game: How to Download Audio From Any Website | Found a video or song you love on YouTube? Wouldn’t it be great to download it and view it offline?

It was much easier to download files back then. You can simply right-click on a video and then choose to download it to your computer.

Gone are those days; companies and individuals need to protect their copyright, after all. Look at YouTube’s policies, for instance.

However, you might need to download audio from any website for personal use. As long as you’re not thinking of reproducing or distributing it, you’re in the clear. You’ll have to use some tools to do that, though.

Want to know how to download music from a website? We’ll teach you more than one way to do so.

Use any of the following three methods to download audio from any website. 

  1. Use a Browser Extension

If you want the easiest route, follow this method. You only need to download a free program for your browser once, and then you can use it on all websites going forward. You can uninstall it at any time; it shouldn’t interfere with your browsing experience. 

Download a Browser Extension

First, go to the web store of your browser and search for an audio downloader or music downloader. Some extensions double as a video downloader, too.

Once you find a good one, click “Add to Chrome.” It should finish installing in a few seconds or minutes. It should work right away, too; no need to restart your browser to use it. You’ll find the icon of the extension you downloaded next to the address bar.

You might have to configure the settings after downloading it. For instance, you might have to set a default file format for every audio you download. You might also be able to choose the quality.

This depends on the type of extension you downloaded, but it should allow you to download audio from any website.

Go to the Webpage

Next, go to the webpage that contains the audio you want to download. It can work with both audio and video. If you only want the audio part of the video, your browser extension should be able to extract it from the video.

The way it works depends on which extension you downloaded. Some extensions only record the audio within a tab. You’ll have to start and stop the recording manually.

Some extensions are more sophisticated. They identify the individual audio elements on a webpage and allow you to download each one. Using other extensions, a pop-up download button will appear next to the audio file. 

Make sure to read the description of the browser extension to know how it works.

  1. Download Audio from Any Website Using a Program

In this method, you’ll have to download a program into your computer. Some programs might not be free, but they’re more packed with features. They have more quality options, for instance. 

Find an Audio Downloader

Like always, the first step you need to do is to find a good audio downloader. You can do a quick Google search to look for options.

Be careful of downloading stuff on the internet, however. It might come with malware that can harm your computer and identity. If you must, read reviews of the best downloaders. There will also be articles listing the best programs that are safe for download.

When you find one that looks good for you, download and install it on your computer. Study how to use it and proceed to the next step. 

Some programs aren’t free, but these are the ones you can trust the most. 

Download the Audio

You’re now ready to download music from website pages. Open the program, and then go to the web page you want to download audio from. You’ll have to get the link of the video or audio file, and then paste it onto the program.

In some programs, there’s a built-in browser. This allows you to browse for web pages right in the app. It’s much easier to download audio files this way.

When you want to download, the program will allow you to choose among several quality options. They also support a variety of audio file formats.

  1. Download Audio from Any Website Using an Online App

This is the method that doesn’t require you to download any app or program. You only need to find a website that extracts audio from the video.

YouTube to MP3 websites are abundant, though you’ll have to look harder for web apps that work with any site. It might not also be possible on all websites. Nonetheless, here are the steps to do it.

Get the Link of the Video 

First, go to the webpage that contains the video. In many cases, you can right-click on the video and choose copy link.

If the option is not there, try to open the video in another tab. It should open a new tab with only the video, then copy the link.

Choose a Website

Next, find a website that extracts audio from a video. When you find one, paste the link you copied into the text bar. 

The next steps would depend on the website. Some apps might allow you to choose the quality and the file format. Nevertheless, you only need to hit the download button to start downloading your audio.

Like we said above, however, this is an easy step for YouTube and the likes. For other websites, you might need to download the video first and then convert it to audio. 

There are plenty more pages that download videos from any website, so it might be easier to find. You have to do one more step, though.

Convert the Video 

The next thing to do is to convert the video into an audio file. Lots of websites do this for free, so it’s too difficult to find an MP3 converter online.

You only have to upload the video into their website, wait for it to process your request, and then bam – you can now download the audio format. 

Download Music Now

Now that you know how to download audio from any website, it’s time to update that playlist. We provided different methods so you can choose which one works best for you. 

But why end with these tools and tips when we have a lot more to teach you? You don’t have to go far for more great guides. If you want more, simply browse our blog posts today!