Team Building 101: 5 Indoor Team Building Activities for Businesses

Indoor Team Building Activities
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When your employees are highly engaged, you can make 2.5 times more net income. Their engagement comes from feeling appreciated, challenged, and happy.

Team building activities are an instrumental way of improving employee engagement.

Assess your employees’ current satisfaction at work. If they’re lacking motivation, productivity, and camaraderie, their engagement is low. Luckily, you can change that.

Start incorporating indoor team building activities into the weekly schedule. Here are five awesome activities to try first.

  1. String Circle Game

This game only takes 20 minutes and is lots of fun. Get your team to stand in a circle. Each person should be holding a piece of a long string.

Make sure the string is tied together at the ends, forming a circle. Without talking, the team must form the shape that you tell them, like a triangle.

You can also do a variation where some team members get blindfolded, and others muted. This game tests their communication while also getting them out of their offices.

  1. Two Truths and a Lie

It’s hard to feel camaraderie on a team if you don’t know anything about your peers. This is common in formal workplaces and clinical settings.

To improve engagement, you need to encourage bonding and friendship building.

Have everyone on the team take turns telling the group two truths and a lie. The group must guess which statement the lie is. Through this exercise, they learn something new about each person.

  1. Penny for Your Thoughts

Collect a large jar full of coins, mostly pennies. Find out the year your youngest team member was born. Make sure none of the coins are from a year that youngest member wasn’t around for.

Then, divide your team into pairs. Have each person pick a penny from the jar. They must look at the year and tell their partner something that happened to them then.

It could be an achievement, a loss, anything they want. This exercise promotes bonding among team members. Do a few rounds so they get paired with a few different people.

  1. DIY Escape Room

When you’re faced with surviving, skills you had no idea you possessed come out. That’s why so many people love going to Escape Rooms. They force you to get creative for your own survival.

You can create your own Escape Room in the office. Create a set of puzzles or problems that need to get solved. When one gets solved, the team can address the next one.

Consider making it spooky with dim lights and horror movie soundtracks. Tailor questions to different strengths and personality types to get everyone involved.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Divide your employees into two teams for an office-wide scavenger hunt. Make the prize something awesome, like getting to go home early that day.

Create clues that lead to different areas in the building. Teams must find every clue and complete the challenge at each station.

Or, have them take pictures of all the items on the list. It could include an employee sitting on a vending machine, the team mascot, etc. Have fun with it so they can have fun and connect with each other.

Interested in More Ideas for Indoor Team Building Activities?

Indoor team building activities are an awesome way to boost employee engagement. When employees feel engaged, they’re more productive and creative.

Your engagement activities don’t have to stay indoors. Read here for all types of team building activities your employees will love.