Technology that Improves Office Productivity

Office Productivity

by Julianne Mercer, World Executives Digest 

The world today is changing almost too rapidly to keep track of. New technologies are being implemented daily, and many of them are great improvements to our lives. But what does that mean for business? Simply put, having the latest technology could give you the edge over competitors who are working without it. You never know what kind of new ideas can sprout from a new digital perspective. But what is the technology that is simply a must for every business office?

A sharing network

The most crucial thing is to have all of the computers in the building linked up into one network. Imagine if every trip to the second floor to give someone a USB, or long uploads for enormous files could simply be gone? Having a network that automatically syncs up everyone makes the flow of information that much faster and easier.

Internal chat

Is your company still using emails to send every single piece of information? There is no need for that, and it might actually be harming the atmosphere you are trying to achieve. It’s common knowledge that people work better if they are in a positive, friendly and relaxed environment. So, if people feel like they need to send a formal email to their colleague every time they need to ask them something, it can make them feel like they are in a cold and unfriendly environment. Using a chat gathers all of your employees in one place and makes communication easy and friendly.

Comfortable furniture

This might not directly be a piece of technology, but it certainly comes close. People who spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer are very prone to developing problems with their back, arms and legs. Having furniture that is comfortable and adjustable will make sure that your employees’ backs stay as healthy as they can be. Tables that can be adjusted to standing height and chairs that have the right back support are just a few things you should be thinking about. But you can do things without buying completely new furniture: simply having boxes that people can put underneath their screens to lift them to eye level, or installing keyboard drawers that will put the keyboard to an optimal height are all things that you can do right now.

Screens everywhere

Having large screens is an easy way to give a lot of information to a lot of people. There should never be a single conference room without a projector and a big white wall or a projector screen. But that is not where you should stop. TV wall mounting can be done for a very small price and all of your employees will thank you. Simply looking at a screen at the wall, instead of all piling on top of each other in front of one small computer screen is a lot more practical – not to mention a lot more professional. People constantly have the need to share information with each other in the workplace and giving them a good outlet for that will definitely improve their productivity.

Technology can sometimes be difficult to master, and we can be left wondering if we would be better off without it. But, the benefits that it can bring are definitely enough to persuade anyone, if only they give it a shot. Introducing new technology as a core part of your office system and providing the tutorials and advice on how to use that technology will bring great improvements to everyone at the workplace.