The 3 Best Ways To Prepare For Long Term Travel

The 3 Best Ways To Prepare For Long Term Travel
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WorldExecutivesDigest | The 3 Best Ways To Prepare For Long Term Travel | There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of for any kind of travel. Beyond just booking flights and hotels you have to worry about getting enough sleep on the trip and working out the rest of the logistics. When you have to do some long-term travel for work or other reasons, you have a lot more complexities to deal with. 

There are some people who decide to go to a location for a few months or years and others who decide to bounce around from one country to the next every few months. Whatever your reason is for being away for so long there are things that have to be prepared for ahead of time. In this article, we will go over several things that you need to do to be able to successfully travel on long-term trips. 

1 – Have your housing sorted

Where you stay needs to be figured out before anything. Having a base is going to make the entire trip much smoother since you won’t be wasting time having to jump around from house to house until you settle into the right one. 

Look for short-term rentals that can be had for a month-long stay or longer in the country where you plan to travel. For instance, if your next stop is Canada then you can rent one of the many short term rentals Toronto has available. 

A furnished apartment is great since it gives you all the comforts of home without you needing to get the place set up. Then when you are ready to move on to the next destination, you are going to be able to move without anything holding you back or slowing you down. 

2 – Have health insurance

If you plan on being in another country for a while then at some point you will likely be able to get onto their public health insurance. Many countries offer their citizens and residents healthcare that is free at the point of delivery. This means that it is paid for through taxes so they don’t have to buy their own insurance unless they specifically want private insurance.

You’ll only be able to get on that plan if you become a resident which can take a few months or even longer depending on the country. You’ll have to have your health insurance sorted out to be able to get into the country. Many countries require proof of health insurance to get a visa to be able to stay beyond the length of a tourist visa. 

3 – Get your banking in order

The ability to access your money while in another country is essential to be able to have the resources to keep yourself going. Have some bank accounts that allow for international wire transfers so you can get paid by your clients or workplace if you are working remotely for a company. 

Make sure that you are able to use the debit cards for purchases as well as withdrawals from cash machines. 

Photo by Adrian Agawin: