The 3 Most Important YouTube Ad Targeting Decisions You Must Make Now

Important YouTube Ad Targeting Decisions | The 3 Most Important YouTube Ad Targeting Decisions You Must Make Now | Are you looking for a way to improve your YouTube advertising campaign?

About 70% of consumers are open to learning more about brands appearing on YouTube. If you want an effective ad reaching your targeted audience, take advantage of YouTube.

To improve your YouTube ad targeting campaign, here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  1. Pick the Right Type of YouTube Ad

Your first step to YouTube ad targeting is choosing the right type of ads. There are three main types of YouTube ads: TrueView, In-stream, and Bumpers. Below is a quick summary of which ad should match your ad targeting.

TrueView Ads

TrueView ads are the standard video ads that you see everywhere on Youtube. The first type of TrueView ads is the video discovery YouTube ads. These ads appear when you perform a YouTube search.

You can also find them on the YouTube homepage and video watch pages. The second type is the in-stream ads that appear before watching a video. Viewers can skip the ad after watching it for at least five seconds.

Preroll Ads

These are the non-skippable ads that last from 15 to 20 seconds before or after a video. This type of ad is the best with a call-to-action for marketing target audiences. YouTube sells preroll ads on a pay-per-click basis, so make every click worth it.


This type of ad is the shortest YouTube video ad, lasting about six seconds. You have to make a six-second long ad that complements your larger video campaigns. Include all the components of your brand that you want your viewers to remember.

  1. Add Keywords

When you’ve finalized your advertising demographics, you have to add keywords. You can target related to your keyword, making it easier to reach your targeted audience. It helps YouTube help you find people depending on their age, gender, and preferred videos.

Be sure to do your research and test which words get more views, conversions, and clicks. You can place the keywords as your tags and with your title or video description.

  1. Consider Your Customer’s Needs

If you want to improve your ad targeting, you need to have a video that offers a solution to your viewer’s needs. Once you understand your YouTube ad demographics, you need to take a look at their issues. You can create an ad that your targeted audience that offers a solution to their needs.

People tend to search for videos that involve self-improvement, decisions, and how-to instructions. You can place your ad on those videos that are somewhat similar to what you offer. The ads should also be relatable for the viewers when targeting a specific audience.

Improve Your Campaign With YouTube Ad Targeting

YouTube ad targeting is an effective way to call your targeted audience to your brand. Be sure to pick the right type of ad, add your keywords, and answer your viewers’ needs.

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