The 3 Ps of Every Successful Business

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WorldExecutivesDigest | The 3 Ps of Every Successful Business | There are certain things that all successful businesses need, no matter what they do, nor their size and ambition. The trend has been for businesses to look to technology for all of the solutions and there has been somewhat of a rush to engage with all the latest technology, digital marketing and online additions before the business has established the essentials. These business essentials have been detailed in this article, as the three Ps to show that these basics cannot be overlooked if your business is to succeed, and to provide an easy way for you to keep them in mind as you go about the process of developing and building your business.

Product or services

The first essential P that all business needs is their product. Your business must have a good product or service that people actually want; this is the basis of most, if not all businesses. The advice is to look at emerging trends, unless you already have a specific niche product or service. Understanding what’s hot and what’s not is a great first step in determining the right product for the right time. A great example is the healthcare or medical business sector that is just exploding at the moment. A number of tech entrepreneurs have simply entered the healthcare and home care industry and the aim is to disrupt and provide tech-driven solutions for ongoing medical and health issues and challenges. This is one of the best ways to develop a cogent business product and service.


Once you have a competitive product and or service that is ready for market, you need to be precise and exact as to your pricing. Again, and in keeping with the medical analogy as aforementioned, if you have the first P (product) and need advice or assistance, then use the professionals like to get this right. Pricing is a tricky thing and unless you know what the rest of the market looks like and understand the pricing models being used by competitors and others in the sector then you will not be able to competently price your products or services, which means fewer sales.


Getting the product out there is paramount. Regardless of how fantastic the product is and the demand that you have established there is for the product and how well you have it priced. Not a single one will sell unless you are able to market and promote the benefits of the product. It is a highly competitive market for just about everything based on the globalized market that we now live in, and as such, unless you are able to promote the product to the right people at the right time, then someone else will likely sell it to them instead.

The business world as we know it has changed forever, but there are still certain basics that every successful business needs, to first enter and then compete in whatever sector that they are in. Focus on the three Ps (products, pricing and promotion) as mentioned above, and your business will never go wrong.