The 4Ds to Win in Life

4ds Win in Life

World Executives Digest | Roy Quejada, Columnist | Do you want to be successful and win in life?

On my 45th birthday I took time to reflect about my life. Remembering what happened in every cycle that led me to achieve the wins that I have defined for myself. Recalling all the events, I deduced that every life stage is a preparation. Life is actually preparing you to fulfil not only your goals but also your mission (yes we all have mission in this world). Allow me to share the framework and hopefully you can learn something from it.

We go through different life stages; from adolescence to early and mature adulthood and to old age. In each cycle we need to – Do, Discover, Deliver, Develop 

From adolescence to early adulthood, there’s constant search for role models. This helped shaped my personality. I tried to mimic different personalities – leaders, athletes, actors, friends and family. It is in this stage that I started building and finding my unique self.

“At this stage- you must meet new friends and engage in different activities to discover your strong abilities. Do expose yourself until you become aware of your talents”

After finishing college and a couple of years working in a restaurant; I discovered that my strength navigated towards people and operations management. Aside from strengths, I also discovered my personal values, (one of which is growth) and my weaknesses. Knowing your limitations allow you to learn and work with people that can compliment your strengths.

“At this stage- learn the power of reflection. Reflect to Discover your strengths and weaknesses.”

From late 20s and up to now, I capitalised on my strengths, sharpened my skills and got promoted to higher management positions that i wanted to achieve. Most think that we stop studying and learning after college but the truth is, we need continuing education to reinforce our strengths to delivery consistent performance- treat this like a maintenance pill.

“At this stage, hone your strengths, be trained, be mentored, take risks, choose your friends wisely. This will make you Deliver outstanding results.”

From being a store manager all the way up to becoming a COO; consistent execution to achieve results was a challenge. You need high performing teams to pull your action plans altogether. Development includes determining team values, robust communication, levelling up technical and management skills etc.

“At this stage, you must Develop your own Avengers team. You need to train them so you can get to next stage of your life.”

I am in the process of preparing and building my next life stage and very optimistic that I will be able to fulfil another mission. I do hope that you will find your meaningful mission as well.

Moving from one stage to another, I find 4Ds (Do, Discover, Deliver, Develop) a cyclical framework to set our mind achieve success. Note that the details of each step is different from one person to another.

On a final note, doing the 4Ds framework requires rock solid faith and support from your family. You will not win all the time, and if you lose- your faith will lead you to the right path eventually. Such is life.

So what are you doing now to discover or uncover the strength that you may have? Are you investing time and effort to further your strengths? Are you using your strengths to win? And are you developing other people to support and sustain the win?

Thank you for reading this article. I hope it can supplement the success framework that you already have.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

roy quejadaAbout Roy Quejada, CFE

Roy is a seasoned executive with more than 25 years of impressive history working in the restaurant industry. Having held several C-level posts in the past years, R/Q is a brand in himself in this category. As a leader, he drives growth by building organizational integrity through his coaching style that allows his managers to own the business. As a speaker, R/Q inspires and motivates his audience to think, reflect, then act. His Readiness Quotient framework that he advocates, allows people to be be ready to accept life’s challenges, decide on actions to take and execute to the end. Checkout Roy’s profile at his Linkedin Page.