The 7 Best Web Browsers for Mac in 2020—Ranked!

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World Executive Digest | The 7 Best Web Browsers for Mac in 2020—Ranked! | These are this year’s best web browsers for your mac.

Web browsers serve as a gateway between you and the internet. In 2019, there was a total of 2.6 billion total Chrome users worldwide. Other popular choices include Internet Explorer and Firefox.

You can protect your device and access the internet quickly with the right browser. Read on to discover more about the best options available. Here are the top seven web browsers for mac, ranked, in 2020.

  1. Chrome

Google Chrome’s not only the most popular choice around the globe, but it’s the number one web browser for Mac. That’s because it’s packed with features and is easy to access. Some of the benefits include:

  • Extensions
  • Plug-ins
  • Fast loading speeds
  • Zoom
  • Easy access to google calendar and more

You’ll also be able to enjoy chrome dark mode. You can enable it in system preferences and chrome flags. When all else fails, you still have the option to explore the internet incognito for private browsing sessions.

  1. Safari

Safari’s been the default browser for Apple for years, making it easy to use on Mac. The browser’s connected to Siri for suggestions geared towards you. Not only will it improve your user experience, but you’ll feel safer online.

The updates have improved security and features. Intelligent tracking protection will secure your device against hackers. You won’t have to worry about weak passwords because Safari will alert you of needed changes for improved security.

Safari’s faster than the other choices, it has built-in functionality, and it uses less battery. You’ll be able to customize settings by the website and utilize extensions. These features make it a top contender for Mac users around the world.

  1. Opera

One of the best freeware browsers for Mac users is Opera. Available on multiple devices, this browser’s used by millions of users around the world. As the brand has aged, it has evolved to add trending upgrades to its list of features and increase the list of languages.

Opera reviews visited websites against a list of sites reported for malware. You’ll enjoy private browsing and pop-up blocking while you’re online. Not to mention, it has multiple tabs and bookmarks.

The browser provides a turbo mode for users. The feature reduces time by compressing web pages first. It also allows users to download pages and display thumbnails, known as speed dials.

  1. Firefox

A free web browser for your Mac that’ll provide more benefits than not is Firefox. It features bookmarks, private browsing, spellcheck, and geolocation. The default search engine for it is Yahoo!

Firefox offers some built-in tools like error console and DOM integrator. These improve the capacity to include features developed by third parties. The extras make it a popular choice for users.

The security has strong encryption and continuous search for bugs. You’ll feel safe with the third party developments and secure browsing. Not to mention, you’ll be able to personalize it with themes to fit your style.

  1. Brave

Brave has been a powerful browser that Mac users continue to enjoy. This web browser has outstanding security and privacy. The built-in ad blocker can be accessed easily from the menu.

Professionals and students will be able to focus better by blocking content from social networks. You’ll be able to prevent embedded posts from Twitter and Facebook. Not only that, but you won’t need a VPN.

Less popular features include a page that removes additional essentials from web pages, making it easier to see and read. You’ll also notice it automatically upgrades to HTTPs. The iOS version offers users a web page to PDF converter.

  1. Torch

A freeware used by millions of people is Torch. The web browser provides users with the ability to view websites and share them on social networks. You can download videos and vines quickly.

The company also offers Torch Music. The app’s a free music service for organizing Youtube videos. You’ll be able to customize preferences and themes for a friendlier interface.

You should know the negatives before installing it. One downside is that you could be requested to download toolbars and more. Adwares are another feature you may be asked to install during your use.

  1. Microsoft Edge

If you’re going to use Internet Explorer, update to Edge. This web browser has similar features to other top choices and the same amount of power. You’ll be able to have extensions and block trackers.

The new benefits include auto-fill and offline web sites for easier reading. Other improved features are muting tabs, clutter-free printing, and grammar tools. The browser has a sleeker design, and Cortona’s implanted for easier searching.

Microsoft Edge is a step up from past designs and features innovative upgrades to impress users. Some people prefer this option over other web browsers for Mac. This web browser can perform better or just as well as the other options on this list.

Other Web Browsers for Mac

Updating your web browsers for Mac will provide you with a simple interface, security, improved download speeds, and other built-in features. When you need something that runs well when multitasking, your browser will make all the difference. Some of the other options include:

  • Maxthon
  • SeaMonkey
  • Yandex
  • Vivaldi
  • Camino
  • And more

When you’re deciding which one to use, you’ll need to consider what your computer needs are and which of the choices will line up best. No matter which of the web browsers you choose, your downloads will be viewable by your internet provider. You can hide your IP address with a VPN for more private browsing.

Surf the Internet Faster Today

You can use what you read here to help your surf the internet faster. These seven web browsers for mac are this year’s best. When you want hassle-free internet, use this guide to achieve your goal.

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