The Best Accessories To Invest In For Your Electric Bicycle

The Best Accessories To Invest In For Your Electric Bicycle

WED | The Best Accessories To Invest In For Your Electric Bicycle | Your electric bike makes riding to work, running errands and cruising down the road a breeze. Though they’re set up to make riding fun right out of the box, there are always things you can do to make your women’s electric bicycle your own. With the right accessories in place, your bike can become your favorite way to get around the city, but what should you buy? Here are a few of the best accessories that every rider should invest in.


One of the biggest benefits of electric bikes for adults is that they let you carry more cargo without breaking a sweat. Though you’re free to use a standard backpack or messenger bag, doing so puts a lot of strain on your shoulders and your low back. Instead, invest in a set of panniers. These are sturdy bags that attach to the rack on the back of your bike. This puts the weight of your cargo on the bike itself rather than on your shoulders and helps make your ride more comfortable.


If you have an electric fat tire beach cruiser, you’re likely out on your bike for hours at a time. You can expect to get thirsty at some point. Investing in a cupholder will make accessing your beverage of choice on the go simple and safe. Instead of having to lean down to remove a water bottle attached to the down tube, you’ll be able to grab your drink without taking your eyes off the road. The cupholder mounts directly to your handlebars so your beverage is always within reach.

Theft-Resistant Bike Lock

Even the most basic women’s electric bicycle is worth far more than the standard beach cruiser. You’ll want to protect your investment anytime you park your bike and the best way to do that is with a theft-resistant bike lock. Fabric-covered chain locks and U-locks provide the best protection and are easy to secure directly to the frame of your bike while you ride. If you’re parking in a busy part of the city or have to leave your bike unattended for hours on end, you may want to invest in two locks. This way, you can secure the frame and the tires at the same time.

A High-Quality Air Pump

Keeping your tires properly inflated is the easiest way to improve your ride quality at all times. Even better, this can extend the life of your tires and reduces your of flats on the road. This means you need to have a pump on-hand to make adjustments as needed. Investing in two different air pumps is the best option. Choose a floor pump that you can store in your garage or apartment and use before you leave for work or fun. These pumps put out more air with each stroke so you’ll be able to inflate your tires quickly. Carry a portable pump with you in your backpack or panniers so you can reinflate your tires before you leave work or fix low pressure on the go.

The right accessories can make your women’s electric bicycle more fun to use. If you’re not sure where to start, invest in these must-haves first. As you use your bike more you’ll be able to buy more accessories to tailor your bike to your riding style.