The Big MacOS Update: What to Expect From Big Sur | The Big MacOS Update: What to Expect From Big Sur | MacOS Big Sur is set to be one of the biggest updates for Mac in almost 20 years. So what can you expect from the MacOs update? Learn more here.

The latest macOS update is all that Mac enthusiasts have been talking about ever since it was announced. It’s outrageous that Apple decided to name its latest software update Big Sur, but it is what it is. Apple named it after a beautiful California coastline full of mountains, that’s known as Big Sur.

It will be the latest macOS update after the macOS Catalina that received mixed reactions. Aside from the name, there’s a lot more that the Big Sur update brings to the table for Mac users.

In this piece, we’ll be talking about everything you need to know about Mac’s latest software update. So read on to know all about the macOS Big Sur release date, user experience, and lots more.

MacOS Big Sur: What’s All the Hype?

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Mac’s latest software that Apple is set to release in the coming months. Possibly it’s because Big Sur is the first macOS software update to cross the ‘10’ range. Taking macOS to version 11 after close to two decades of version 10.

Besides the numbers, here are a couple of reasons why there’s so much hype with the latest macOS update.

More Interactive Notifications

The new notifications give you a lot more options to take action about the notification in question. A simple click allows you to check out more information about the notification. It also gives you a list of options for handling the notification.

MacOS Big Sur groups all notifications from the same app to make it easier for you to respond to them. All you need to do is to click on the notification, and it expands to show you all the notifications. 

New Control Center

The new control center works like the control center on iPhones. It’s all you need to access crucial settings on your Mac. For instance, you can turn your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on and off via the control center. 

You can also control your media playback, adjust your screen’s brightness, and do a lot more with the control center. The new control center has one neat feature that will blow most Mac enthusiasts away. You can now drag any item on the control center to your screen for easier access.

If you’d like additional options for specific items, all you have to do is click on the item. For instance, if you click on display, you get options for airplay, nightshift, and even dark mode.

Better User Experience

You can’t overlook the revamped user experience that the new macOS update promises for mac users. There’s been a refinement of the user interface, and it’s simply stunning. The new macOS promises users a better overall experience with butter-smooth performance.

The first thing you’ll notice on the macOS Big Sur is the new icons. The new icons look a bit like the icons from iOS. Frankly, the icons from the previous macOS versions were a bit dated, and it was definitely time for an upgrade.

The dock, which is what you mainly use on your Mac, now appears to float on the screen. Overall the whole screen, including icons, texts, and tabs, has a much cleaner look. The buttons that you don’t use disappear. 

You can access the control center from the new menu bar. From there, you can control stuff like volume, brightness, and connectivity, among other things. 

The new update does away with the notification bar, and you access all the notifications via the notification center. There’s also a gallery that shows you all the widgets you can add on your display for some personalization. You can click on the center of these notifications or widgets for more information.

Faster Updates

The macOS Big Sur is expected to have faster updates that happen in the background. These faster updates mean it’s much easier for you to keep your Mac up to date. You also don’t have to worry about updates taking forever, like in the previous versions.

Another neat feature is the ability to see your MacBook’s battery usage for up to 10 days. It isn’t much for most people, but it’s pretty useful for some. 

Improved Messaging

If you use the messages app on your Mac, then you’ll love messaging for the macOS Big Sur. The new messaging app takes after the one on iOS. This makes it much easier to send and receive messages from your social circle.

It also allows you to use memojis exhaustively, meaning you can use memoji creation and stickers. You can also ‘@’ your friends in conversations. It also allows for inline replies, and much more.

Improve Safari

Improvements on Safari have been long due, and we’ll see major improvements with the macOS Big Sur. The new Safari update is much more than just an interface update. Apple plans to tweak the browser’s speed, security, and privacy.

Starting with the design, Safari on the macOS Big Sur will be very customizable. You’ll be able to choose your own background image and add “partitions” to your browser. For instance, you can add an entertainment section, shopping lists, etc.

On matters of privacy, Safari will now be able to give you a privacy report of every website you visit. You can also choose which sites certain extensions on Safari can work with. The weekly privacy report by Safari will give you all the lowdown about how Safari has been protecting your data all week.

With so much to offer, most Mac users can’t stay put waiting for the new update. However, before you start making plans, you need to make sure your Mac meets all the macOS 11 Big Sur system requirements. If it does, then you’re good to go.

You Can’t Afford to Miss Out on the New macOS Update

The latest macOS update is everything Mac users have been clamoring for. So make sure you update your Mac to the latest software when it releases early fall. However, make sure your Mac meets all the necessary system requirements. If it does, then you can set your Mac to update automatically to the latest update when it comes out.

Before you update to the latest Mac OS, there’s just one last thing you should do. You should check out all our other informative reads on the site.