The Importance of Functional Medicine

The Importance of Functional Medicine

The Importance of Functional Medicine | If you endure an illness that already seems out of control, perhaps you need to shift your perspective and find other ways to eliminate the disease. Sometimes, you are looking at it the wrong way; maybe you need to find someone different or another approach that can truly help you more. One of the best ways to extinguish a disease is to treat the root cause. This treatment is regularly known as functional medicine. 

A professional that is in the field of this medicine is called a functional medicine doctor. He is the one that identifies the root causes of an illness. He looks at different conditions and perspectives that may cause a single symptom of chronic disease. He considers physical health and all other aspects, including mental, emotional, and even spiritual health. The best functional medicine doctor knows how to do all of these things and more.

More roles of functional medicine doctors:

  • They go over and assess your diet, genes, hormonal changes, previous medications and prescriptions, and your overall lifestyle. They use these factors to find and identify the major things that may be causing your illness. 
  • Like other regular doctors, they also have to go to medical school and complete conventional medical training. Then, they can become a functional medicine practitioner when they choose to specialise in this field.
  • The usual things that they may ask you about are your sleeping patterns, diet and nutrition, social relationships, exercise habits, state of your emotional and mental health, and possible stressors that may affect your thinking.
  • After listing the possible symptoms and root causes of the disease, they create a treatment plan that is specifically designed according to your condition. They give medical prescriptions, supplements, or therapies.
  • After a series of treatments and medications, they track and record your progress over time. They assess if there are changes and improvements from your first day of treatment to the present day that you are in.

Regular doctors treat the disease itself. They prescribe medications and medical advice that combat whatever kind of disease that you have, while a functional medicine doctor treats the factors that may be causing the disease. If you are suffering from depression, they examine your lifestyle and see if anything affects your mental health. They focus on that factor and try to change or eliminate it by giving you some professional advice and correct medications and supplements.

When do you need to see a functional medicine doctor?

  • Suppose you want to have longer appointments – Since each patient has a different case, the doctor must spend more time assessing and examining your causes and symptoms. It needs a lot of time to finish the whole treatment process.
  • Suppose you want to try other alternative treatments – Functional medicine doctors not only focus on one type of therapy and prescription. They also advise you to take up other therapies like acupuncture, meditation, and home or herbal remedies.
  • Suppose you want to stop your suffering from a chronic illness – When you are sick for a long time already, you may want to seek the best functional medicine doctor. He/she shall help you identify the root causes of the diseases so that you can finally be free of the feeling of sickness.
  • Suppose you want your treatment to feel more personalised – Again, the methods that functional medicine doctors use are not limited to one. They use a wide variety of techniques that depend on your condition.


Functional medicine goes beyond physical treatment. It also entails other important aspects like mental, emotional, and spiritual. Healing is very important. Functional medicine focuses on you as an individual and not merely your sickness. Its goal is to provide a holistic approach to ensuring that you live with optimised health and lifestyle.