The Many Benefits Associated With Swimming

Benefits Associated With Swimming

People benefit from swimming. It is important everyone learn about the many advantages associated with participating in this sport. Swimming is an effective way to improve overall health. When someone swims for an hour, they will burn as many calories as any other type of out-of-water exercise. This will happen without the stress on a person’s joints and bones. In the United States, swimming is the fourth most popular exercise activity.

Internal Benefits

When a person regularly swims, they are getting a good workout for their muscles, but also their cardiovascular system. This is an activity that helps a person improve their lungs and heart. It is estimated when inactive people begin swimming, they can decrease their health risks by as much as 50 percent. Swimming has been proven to help control blood sugar as well as lower blood pressure and more.

Medical Conditions

Swimming provides an effective way for people with different medical conditions to safely exercise. People with a physical disability, injury or other medical condition can benefit from swimming. When people are recovering from certain injuries, swimming will help decrease pain and help with recovery.

Increases Bone Mass

Scientists have been able to show swimming will help build a person’s bone mass. Tooth enamel and bone are the hardest mineral substances in a person’s body. Strong bones provide balance, strength and support a person’s body. It also enables a person to have improved posture and a better appearance.

Stress Management

Many people at a YMCA were surveyed before and after they went swimming. Prior to starting their swim, over 45 percent claimed they felt stress or mild depression because of things going on in their life. After swimming, the number of people still feeling stress or depression was less than 8 percent. The activity of swimming has shown to be very powerful when it comes to decreasing these feelings.

Sleep Improvement

It has been shown people who swim regularly will sleep better at night. Approximately 50 percent of older people struggle with some level of insomnia. Swimming can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. It can even be enjoyed by people with various physical issues. Swimming is often recommended for older adults who want to have better sleep.

Helps Asthma

It is estimated over 25 percent of people in the United States have some type of asthma-related illness. This includes over six million children. Individuals with this medical condition often benefit from regular swimming. The breathing exercises involved has shown to help them develop better control when it comes to their breathing. It can also help improve the condition of the lungs.

Decreases Inflammation

Swimming is considered an aerobic activity. This means it is an activity that can decrease inflammation. This condition is something that can lead to atherosclerosis build up in a person’s heart. A decrease in inflammation can also help decrease the progression of many different diseases.

Burn Calories

Swimming has shown to be an excellent exercise for burning calories. The strokes a person uses, as well as their intensity during swimming, makes it possible to burn more calories than running. With swimming, a person does not have to worry about the sweat coming off of their body. A person who runs a mile in ten minutes will burn approximately 100 calories. With a strong butterfly stroke, a person swimming the same distance will burn over 150 calories.

Improve Flexibility

When people swim, they must twist and stretch. They are required to pull themselves through the water. Their ankles turn into fins and must be stretched every time they push off and kick against the pressure of the water. Stretching prior to swimming is still necessary. The required repetitive stretching a person does when using different strokes to swim helps improve their flexibility.

When looking for an exercise, the advantages of swimming are numerous. There are many places that offer financing inground pools for people who want to have one on their property. There are also public pools that offer reasonable rates and some public schools offer swim hours. Swimming is often part of a successful fitness program.