The Most Common Sports-Related Injuries Chiropractors Can Effectively Treat 

The Most Common Sports-Related Injuries Chiropractors Can Effectively Treat 

The Most Common Sports-Related Injuries Chiropractors Can Effectively Treat | The top five sports-related injuries in Singapore are sprain, knee injury, rotator cuff, stress fractures, and dislocations in exact order. Everyone knows how Singaporeans live an active lifestyle, so injuries are very common, especially those who take their sports to the next level. 

In numbers, 61% of those who get injured are males while the rest are females. Football tops the list of the sport which causes these injuries, followed by basketball and cycling. 

If you are into sports, you probably understand the demands physical and mentally required when you engage in sports. Putting your body through such strenuous activity can result in injuries regardless of how careful you are. 

However, most sports-related injuries are easily treated with chiropractic therapy. Also, many athletes, both professional and amateur, seek a chiropractor’s therapy for prevention. 

If you are one of the curious people who want to discover more about chiropractic therapy, let us check out the most common sports-related injuries it can treat, courtesy of one of the best chiropractic treatment singapore has. 

  1. Strains & Sprains

Strains and sprains are synonymous with people who love engaging in highly-physical sports. This type of sports injury happens when a muscular ligament is overstretched up to a point where it is being torn. Ligaments are connected to our bones, so it is very common to locate this injury on our body’s joints and bone areas. 

Sprains and strains usually happen on the wrist and ankles. People who suffer from this injury experience intense pain, which results in bruising and swelling. It can even result in temporary immobility of the injured area because the ligament or tendon which connects the muscles to the bone is overstretched. 

Chiropractors help reduce the inflammation and speed up the injured area’s recovery by putting the stretched ligament back to its original position. By doing this, the ligament can heal quicker and this helps minimise the swelling efficiently. 

  1. Knee Injuries

Athletes often suffer from knee injuries for various reasons. Football players, marathoners, and basketball players often suffer from this kind of injury. They experience intense pain, immobility, and swelling whenever they suffer this kind of injury. Some knee injuries require surgery to fix any torn ligament or muscle. Some also suffer from bruising of the bone and cartilage due to the severity of the injury. Four main ligaments support the knee, and if any of them get injured, it requires a special type of therapy which includes chiropractic. 

Chiropractors address this kind of injury by massage, alignment, and muscle and bone manipulation to prevent it from worsening. 

  1. Muscular Inflammation

Also known as swollen muscles, it happens when a tough membrane known as fascia starts to inflame. It happens when the muscle is either overstretched or hits a blunt object or surface. The fascia stops expanding, which puts the blood vessels and nerves under pressure, resulting in muscular damage. Athletes in combat sports are the ones who are highly susceptible to this kind of injury. Chiropractors apply a certain type of massage to realign the swollen muscle to its right position to prevent further inflammation. 

  1. Achilles Tendon 

For long-distance runners and sprinters, the Achilles tendon is a very prevalent injury requiring surgery in extreme conditions. The injury happens when the Achilles tendon, the muscle in between our calf and heel, is overstretched or torn during movement. This type of injury results from overuse or a sudden burst of movement, which stresses the muscle to the point that it cannot sustain the movement’s pressure. This injury usually requires six months to a year to get treated. Chiropractors help speed up recovery through rehabilitation. They help speed up the torn Achilles tendon’s healing process with a special set of chiropractic therapies. It is advisable to visit the best chiropractic treatment singapore has, where such processes are applied. 


Chiropractic therapy is very popular among athletes and sports enthusiasts. They make use of this kind of alternative medicine because it is non-invasive and effective. However, before visiting a chiropractor, it is best to get your injury checked thoroughly by a specialist to prevent it from worsening. It is because a non-invasive procedure may be insufficient to treat certain types of sports-related injuries.