The Most Effective Ways To Use Your Skid Steer Tree Puller

Skid Steer Tree Puller

The Most Effective Ways To Use Your Skid Steer Tree Puller | The winter season is the preferred time of the year to pick out trees and bushes that need to be uprooted. However, such a task is very difficult to perform in countries that experience snowfall. Frozen grounds mean postponing tree pulling for another day.

skid steer tree puller is the perfect loader attachment for those who are waiting for the ground to thaw. It grabs hold of small trees and pulls them out of the ground within seconds. The steer operator needs to grip and rip in a quick and clamping motion.

How To Use The Tree Puller Effectively?

  • Choose The Right Capacity

A tree puller can only uproot items that range within its capacity. You must determine the scale of your activities before investing in the attachment. Investing in a high-capacity tree puller will enable you to uproot heavier and denser objects.

Small trees that are within 1-3” inches diameter can easily be uprooted at the base. Larger trees that are more than 4 inches in diameter need a higher-capacity attachment. Furthermore, we recommend you use a skid steer loader with a door since it will help keep tree limbs and roots from entering the cab.

  • Hone Your Skills

The operator of a skid steer tree puller must practice the jaw technique and be consistent with it.

At first, you need to lower the tree puller and level its jaws parallel to the ground. Pull-on the base of the tree close to the ground since the base is the strongest point of a tree. Let the jaw wide open and drive the loader forward until the tree is between the jaws, as close to the jaw hinge as possible. Now, close the jaw and start pulling the tree.

  • Leverage Force

There is a very useful technique for uprooting thick trees and other objects using a tree puller. The operator must rock the tree back and forth before pulling it out. The sideways movement will loosen the base of the tree at the ground and will make it much easier to pull the tree out from the roots. However, trees with roots embedded real deep will need to be excavated.

The operator must gradually reduce force as the tree loosens from the ground. It will prevent the item from popping out and prevent causing instability to the machine.

  • Pull Small Trees Together

Such a task is possible with a high-capacity tree puller. Accumulate several small trees within the jaws of the attachment as and when conditions allow. It will help you complete the task at hand, much faster.

  • Maintain Your Attachment

Proper maintenance of your tree puller will increase its shelf life considerably.

  • Grease the hinge pin and cylinder pins every 10 hours.
  • Keep a check on hydraulic fittings, and hoses and replace them immediately if there are any leaks.
  • Make sure that the loader is turned off and hydraulic pressure relieved before checking for leaks.

When used skillfully, a skid steer tree puller can make a tedious job turn into quick work. So, use these tips for your next tree pulling job and complete your task safely ad easily.