The Role of Executives in the Management of Global Data Security

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Three years ago, reports indicated that 48% of data breaches were as a result of malicious attacks. However, if you thought this was overwhelming, then you are in for more shock. Businesses stand to lose over $2 trillion in 2019 due to cybercrime. These numbers emphasize just how seriously individuals need to take data security. Technological advancements have paved the way for numerous changes. For instance, with the click of a button, people can participate in online auctions via websites designed for sellers and bidders, make money through freelance work, and much more. Unfortunately, technology also gives hackers and cybercriminals powerful tools to exploit security loopholes. Data security in companies is therefore paramount, and everyone needs to do their part to guarantee the safety of data, starting with the executive leadership.

Formulating Ideal and Practical Policies

I believe that the best strategy to protect companies’ data is to be proactive. Data is safer when measures to prevent access to company information are laid down efficiently. Executives in various sectors have the responsibility to protect their jurisdictions from both internal and external threats. The first step would be to set aside some money for data security. Without finances very little can be done to improve data security. The allocated budget would be used to implement the data safety strategies.

Policies help companies to react accordingly and protect themselves from cyber-attacks. They can also protect the company from legal issues. For example, the location of a VPN determines the laws that govern it. For companies to reduce problems related to jurisdiction, companies should never use a VPN based in your home country. Some of the policies could be a two-step verification process, have real-time backups, lay down procedures for a cyber-attack incident and encrypt everything, privacy rights and many more. Mobile transactions keep increasing, so it is vital that authentication solutions support mobiles. Institutions can inject the data encryptions from remote locations and change them accordingly. After implementation, regular tests need to be mandatory.

Emphasize Employee Training

The vigilance of the employees substantially determines the security of information in a company. Other than prioritizing data security when hiring employees, institutions can also carry out data management training regularly. First and foremost, the executives need to lead by example by making sure that they are up to date with the latest security practices and trends. That way, their subordinates will be inspired to do the same. When people understand their roles and responsibilities, they will act accordingly.

Success is not an easy thing to achieve today. There are many challenges, but with visionary executives and teamwork, it is possible to make your desired goals a reality. For the corporate world to become better and safer, we all need to work together to ensure that information is in safe hands. However, it all starts from the top, downwards. If the executives develop effective data safety policies, they set the ground for the other members of the company staff to protect their data. This way, companies will maintain optimal security for their information.