The Specifics of Planning an Event After Covid: What You Should Consider

The Specifics of Planning an Event After Covid | The Specifics of Planning an Event After Covid: What You Should Consider | Many of us are now understandably excited about the coming summer, not just because the weather will be a lot warmer, but also because (more importantly) Covid restrictions will have been lifted come the 21st of June.

But even if the major restrictions are set to be lifted soon, it still pays to be mindful and careful and ensure that we are all safe and healthy – this is particularly true if we are planning an event or gathering. Planning and organising an event after the pandemic can be quite different from previous times, and even if you have held the same kind of event year after year, some aspects may have definitely changed. So what are the specifics of planning an event after Covid? Here’s what you should consider. 

The safety of your event 

When it comes to your event’s safety, there are several factors to consider. For instance, is there enough time for you to plan your event? Think also about the different scenarios that may warrant cancellation, as well as the timeframe you may need to decide on this. Will you be able to rely on emergency services such as police, fire brigade, ambulance services to help you oversee the safety of your event and will they deliver the support you need? It is also essential to consider your staff – are they legally qualified and competent enough to plan your event’s safety? Think about including your event suppliers and contractors, too. 

The management of your attendees 

It would be best to find out the latest guidelines on social distancing for your event and find out how this can impact your plan for crowd management. Think carefully about any measures for social distancing you would want to implement both outside and inside, and this would include any safety measures to protect your staff as well. Do you have a separate entrance and exit? Do you have a concrete plan for managing queues? 

The facilities 

Various protocols are now in place for handling and serving food and beverages, so you should find out what these protocols are and have them incorporated into your event, as recommended by specialists in party planning Oxfordshire like Oasis Events. It may also be a good idea to vary your food offerings to reduce queueing – you can, for instance, offer hampers, food and beverage deals, and one-stop shops. How will your guests and attendees get their food? Is it through queueing (at food booths and stalls), or will the food and beverages be served by serving staff?

The medical aspects 

It is also essential to keep different medical aspects in mind, such as whether you have enough PPE supplies and medical equipment and whether you would need a deep cleaning service for an event that lasts for more than a day. Do you have additional hygiene protocols or measures in place throughout your venue, and what are your procedures for maintaining these hygiene protocols? 

The good thing about planning an event in these times is that with the proper awareness, your event can go smoothly. So it’s best to familiarise yourself with various guidelines and protocols so you can have peace of mind and have the best event post-Covid.