The Table Turning E-Marketing Trends You Should Know About

Writing an Essay Ecommerce E-Marketing Trends

The future of marketing is constantly changing. As technology advances, so does the marketing. Just in the last five years, marketing has changed drastically. We now have advertisements on social media, to search engines. Social media has gained an advantage for every marketer as now they can promote their businesses or brands and still have access to hundreds of thousands of people looking into their site. But what we know is that marketing goes through trends.

Whether they may achieve and do really well or fail, there is a trend that every marketer or company should know. The worst part is that you don’t want to put a trend or spends loads of money on a marketing boost if it’s going to fail. So here are some marketing trends marketers should look forward to.

  1. Video views Reach Audiences:

Whether it will be on YouTube, Instagram, or twitter the use of videos as a marketing approach has become the biggest thing. Now in days’ time is money and if you don’t have to sit down to read a five-minute blog post, chances are so isn’t your audience. That is why a lot of brands are doing short twenty-second videos on Instagram as customers are more engaged. Just as Anita stated from relevance, 55% of the traffic brands are gaining is derived from the smartphone, computers, and social media platforms making this the best marketing tactic to ever be invented.

  1. Live Broadcasting:

Live broadcasting has become a new phenomenon as even the television shows have done live broadcasting on their social platforms. The customers love to be engaged and love to know what the company is up to, or what are the influencers are up to on a daily basis. Now with live broadcasting, the customers can engage with you, but also see what you are doing at the moment in time. It is a great way to showcase all the new products you have or just to answer questions your costumes are wanting to know. Using platforms such as Facebook or Instagram where your followers will be notified when you are life gives you the marketing push to keep your customers engaged, but also bring in new ones as well. With broadcasting your video will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people who will be clicking to view your video. The conversation is what keeps them around, so make sure to keep talking to your viewers and say hi to a few of them so they know you are listening.

  1. Focusing on the customer retention and convenience:

Brands have lost focus on the returning customers as they usually focus on new costumes. They think since they have them as a customer it changes everything. Wrong, in that case, the new marketing trend that is going to arise is companies focusing on their returning customers by giving them extra for a reward sign on. as some companies have already started doing this, more and more companies will be following this trend as they focus more on the costumes they do have. quality over quantity.

Moreover, increasing customer convenience can help you earn their loyalty when you show how much you care. This can be done with providing flexible payment modes and adding facilities of going cashless by accepting e-money. This will be beneficial for both, the employee and the employer as there are numerous benefits of going cashless.

  1. Artificial intelligence:

This is a new marketing trend that will be coming out more in the next few years. Artificial intelligence will be taking over the game as they would engage by an app, online, or in person. More and more we see Ai taking over as they can help the company gain a lot more customers by being their assistant and being personable with them. The most popular form of Ai is the chatbot which has been seen on some of the customer services in some companies. The Ai’s would assist the customer with a question or help the customer with looking for the right product. In the coming years, we will be noticing more Ai’s in person or online as they try to make our lives easier by helping us out or recommending us better options. Ai’s can only get smarter from here as they learn and adapt.

  1. Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality has revolutionized technology to the next level. Some are even using it as a marketing technique to get into the customers head. For them to visualize what you want them to see. In the next coming years, this too will soon blow up as you will see more and more companies taking advantage of this technology. What’s great about virtual reality is it can help your company in so many ways from engaging in consumers to predicting outcome possibilities. This is the future of virtual interaction. Having people interact virtually without meeting face to face is the future and how a lot of companies are going to invest their time in. giving the perception of 360 degrees photos and videos. Having the costumer visually see themselves in the place when in reality they are not. As virtual reality is making their ways to digital marketing, making sure to soon take over social media, the internet, and even in person experience changing the way you shop in stores.

  1. Using your voice:

Using your voice as a marketing tool has become a new phenomenon. As ads are popping out on social media, to the things you search online. Nothing is kept a secret as your microphone is listening to the things you need. According to “ By 2020 over 55% will be voice searched”. Such as if you talk about how you need a dog toy for your dog. Soon before you know it, you will see ads pop out for dog toys, making sure you click and buy it.

The future of marketing has just begun and yet, they seem to be getting smarter and smarter every day. Listening and engaging with their customers to pinpoint which strategy to use next. This is just the beginning, but as long as you keep up with the trends your company should boost as you gain a lot more customers.v