The Top 5 Audi Car Care Habits

Audi Car Care | The Top 5 Audi Car Care Habits | Vorsprung durch Technik. | For Audi enthusiasts all over the world, these three words are not just a mere company tagline. It is a testament to all things that the German brand carmaker has seen over the years. Roughly translated as advancement through technology, it is an apt slogan that gives a nod to the colorful history of the Audi brand.

When you own an Audi, you are a living witness to the continuous progression of Audi vehicles. From the classic Audi 920 cabriolet to the Audi e-tron fully electric SUV, every Audi automobile is made with the same passion for the art of engineering. That is why most Audi car owners make it a point to invest in professional Audi maintenance care to ensure that their Audi vehicle is kept in top form.

From Four Rings to Five-Star Status

Audi automobiles have grown to become known and adored the world over. Its iconic logo of four interlocking rings symbolizes the fusion of four automotive car manufacturers – Audi, DKW, Horsch, and Wanderer – which became Auto Union AG.

Because of competitive reasons, the original company that August Horsch founded in July of 1909 could not take its founder’s name. Ultimately, the name Audi, which is the Latin translation of Horsch meaning hark or listen, came up, and thus became known as the five-star Audi brand that it is today.

Since then, the company has ventured forth to create cars that are attractive, captivating, and progressive. From being focused primarily on automotive technologies, it has now expanded its vision to include sustainable mobility and creating inspiration for people. Recent years have seen the development of innovative technology merged with a stunning design that allows its drivers and other car occupants to experience freedom on the road.

Whether you still drive a 1980 Audi Quattro or are cruising around in your sleek 552hp R8 V10, it will be ideal that you practice the proper habits when it comes to using your prized car. From taking the car for regular service checks to obtaining a reliable car insurance package, here are some of the top five ways that you can take excellent care of your Audi:

1. Observe Correct Engine Care

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re driving a technologically advanced vehicle such as an Audi. However, this should not give you the license to just put the pedal to the metal, rev up till kingdom come, or shift gears like it’s nobody’s business. Part of owning an impressive hulk of metal is observing responsible use.

Audi has some of the most sophisticated car care engine technologies and, as such, must be given due care and attention. To prevent wear and tear on your turbocharged engine, for instance, you should first warm up the car before you speed away. This is to thin out the oil so it can spread out evenly and help lubricate the engine.

If you’ve just had a long or speedy drive, it is best to cool down your turbocharged engine for a little while before turning it off. Naturally aspirated engines, on the other hand, need no cooling down. Your car manual will most likely have specific instructions on this.

While Audis have been thoroughly tested in varying road and temperature conditions, you should not make it a habit to go full throttle all the time. The harder you push your turbo to the limits by accelerating often, the more strain it puts on your engine.

2. Follow the Regular Maintenance Schedule

You should always heed the periodic maintenance schedule for your car. This will ensure that all necessary checks are done. Doing so will make sure that your vehicle will run in peak performance as well as keep you, your passengers, and other road users safe.

Just make sure that you bring your Audi to an Audi car specialist or a service center that specializes in European vehicles. With the state-of-the-art systems, components, and parts in your Audi, you will need a team of experts who are familiar with how an Audi works. Aside from their expertise, you will also benefit from their use of specialized machinery, tools, and equipment to keep your Audi in tip-top shape.

3. Learn How to Properly Use Your Car 

This is not just talking about observing road rules and regulations but the actual operation of your car. Audi has sophisticated systems installed in every car, especially in the more modern ones.

For example, if you’re a new Audi user, then you may still be unfamiliar with its Tiptronic transmission system. Most Audis, especially those with longitudinally mounted engines, will have either six or eight gears, depending on which model you got. This system allows you to shift from the normal automatic transmission to manual mode. Learning how it works should help you to shift gears smoothly.

More advanced automotive systems will also have features that make life easier and more enjoyable on the road. Touch-screen monitors, push-to-start buttons, and a whole host of features might be overwhelming to some. To be on the safe side, it is best to read the user manual or online instruction booklet. You should also feel free to ask the sales or service agent attending you regarding the features of your car during the test drive or delivery process.

4. Have It Professionally Cleaned or Restored

Audis have evolved to become some of the best-looking cars on the road. Help keep their striking good looks and stunning form by taking them to a reputable service car center for pampering.

There is a slew of car care services that will see to it that your vehicle is kept clean inside and out. A good shampoo and wash will make it sparkle like new while a thorough detailing service will ensure that every nook and cranny is free from dirt and dust. You can also choose from other services such as the application of leather moisturizers and protectant, ceramic coating, paint protection, interior repairs and many more.

If you’re driving a classic Audi or want to keep one in good shape, then bring it to a highly regarded car restoration center. The knowledge and experience of car restoration specialists will ensure that your car will look and perform like the day it went out of the showroom.

5. Get Car Insurance

One of the habits that you must practice every time you buy a car is to secure a car insurance plan. This will help protect you in case the unexpected happens on the road.

If you can, aim to choose a comprehensive car plan to provide you with better coverage. Not only will it take care of unplanned costs, but it will also give you peace of mind and security.

For Miles and Miles Ahead 

Taking care of your car is one way to ensure a truly rewarding car ownership experience. Make sure to practice the above-mentioned suggestions and you can look forward to many more memorable miles ahead.