The Top Factors You Should Remember When Planning Your Loved One’s Funeral

Planning Your Loved One’s Funeral

The Top Factors You Should Remember When Planning Your Loved One’s Funeral | The task of planning a loved one’s funeral can be overwhelming at the very least, and anyone who has had to plan a funeral for their loved one will say that the right help can be absolutely vital at this time. You need not just emotional support but support with all the technical details as well, and there are indeed many details that go into planning a funeral – from the music to the readings to the actual burial or cremation, among others. If you are tasked with planning the funeral of your loved one, one of the best things you can do is rely on a funeral director’s expertise. Although you will still have to decide on the details, you will at least have an expert’s guidance and recommendations and will have someone to turn to for the best advice. But what factors do you need to remember when planning your loved one’s funeral? Here is your complete guide.  

  • Choose the kind of service 

Your first step is to choose the kind of service you want for your loved one, and this can be based on your religion or a family tradition and anything else you would like to include. You should also decide whether it will be a burial or a cremation and follow your loved one’s wishes if they had specific requests as well.

  • Choose a date and venue 

You will also have to decide where you will hold the ceremony; most venues include a crematorium chapel, a place of worship, a private home, a hotel, or a village hall. If you decide on a religious service, the officiant or minister will guide you on what to do, and they may also be able to help plan your loved one’s service. The next step is to choose the date, which will depend on factors such as the availability of the crematoria and the funeral director, your religious beliefs, and the circumstances surrounding your family. 

  • Decide on the details for religious or non-religious funerals 

A religious funeral will usually have a lot of traditions, but your funeral director, such as a funeral director from should be familiar with most religious backgrounds and help you with whatever traditions you may have as well. You can even seek advice from your funeral director regarding prayers, hymns or songs, and religious readings or poems. 

If you are planning a funeral that is non-religious, your funeral director can also help you with this and the details surrounding it, including music, readings, poems, and other tributes to your loved one.

  • Other details including music, the order of the funeral service, and more

As mentioned, you can choose to personalise the service with readings, music, and prayers, and you can include passages and poetry as well. You may wish to play the favourite song(s) of your loved one, or choose a poem they loved. Bible readings and special hymns are also popular.  

The order of the funeral service can be up to you, and you may want to provide the guests with a booklet so they will know the order of the service. The booklet may include details of the hymns, songs, poems, photographs, and readings, and you can personalise the service even further with details of your loved one’s life and memories.