The Two-Second Rule: What Happens If You Cause a Car Accident by Failing to Maintain Proper Distance?

Car Accident
Image Credit: | The Two-Second Rule: What Happens If You Cause a Car Accident by Failing to Maintain Proper Distance? | Auto owners who are deemed at-fault in a car accident are responsible for any medical costs and property damage that result from the accident. All auto owners are required by state and federal laws to maintain auto liability coverage to manage these expenses if the owner causes an accident. Reviewing what happens if you cause a car accident by failing to maintain proper distance shows the owner what they could face after an accident.

What is the Two-Second Rule?

The two-second rule implies that an accident can happen if the driver has their eyes off the road for more than two seconds. It is in those two seconds that the driver fails to stop their vehicle and crashes into the car in front of them. Auto owners who are involved in a car accident that resulted from them being distracted could face the blame due to the two-second rule. After a car accident, the auto owner needs legal assistance if they caused an accident or were the victim in a car accident; Go here to know more. If the person caused an accident, they could prove their defense by discussing the case with their attorney. A car wreck lawyer provides clarity about auto accident laws and explains the individual’s rights.

Hitting the Car in Front of You

Hitting the car in front of you deems you at fault for the car accident. Auto accident laws place the blame on the driver who hits a driver from behind. It indicates that the driver wasn’t paying attention to the vehicle in front of them, they were distracted, and they didn’t keep enough space between them and the other vehicle.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim for medical costs and auto repair expenses for the victim helps the at-fault driver manage their responsibilities. Their insurer provides funds to the victim for these expenses according to the limitations of the auto insurance policy. There are limits according to how many victims were involved in the accident and sustained injuries. The victim must provide auto repair estimates for the insurer. Typically, insurers ask for at least three estimates from reputable auto repair shops.

What Happens if the Victim’s Injuries are More Severe?

If the victim ‘s injuries are more severe, it is less likely that the insurance policy will provide adequate coverage for all medical expenses. If this happens, the victim might file a legal claim to collect the remaining balance of their medical expenses. The outcome of the lawsuit determines if the at-fault driver is required to provide the full cost of the victim’s medical expenses if they reach the limitations of their auto insurance policy with the claim.

What Happens if the Victim Dies?

If the victim dies, the surviving family members have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. However, the family must prove the at-fault driver was negligent and the fatality could have been avoided. For example, the at-fault driver must be guilty of a DUI, speeding, or reckless driving when the accident happened.

Auto owners must follow all traffic laws to avoid an accident. Taking their eyes off the road for two seconds could lead to an accident and cause injuries or a fatality. When a driver is at-fault for an accident, they must file an insurance claim and cover the victim’s medical expenses and property damage. Reviewing car accident laws helps drivers understand what could happen if they don’t have enough insurance coverage.

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