The Warning Signs of Septic System Failure That You Should Never Ignore

Septic System | The Warning Signs of Septic System Failure That You Should Never Ignore | Dealing with the after-effects of septic system failure stinks, metaphorically and literally. If your septic system fails and requires a complete replacement, you could be out over fifteen thousand dollars. Worse, your home and the surrounding area will be choked by the stench for weeks after the fact.

Don’t wait until your system fails to reach out for help. Be proactive and keep a weather eye out for these common warning signs that your septic system is on its way out.

Water or Sewage Backs Up in the House

One of the most obvious signs of septic system failure is water or sewage backing up into your home. This may initially present as slow-draining sinks and showers with obnoxious gurgling noises. This is most likely caused by a blocked pipe or an overfull tank. You can preempt this common septic tank problem by being mindful of your water consumption. Try to take shorter showers and limit the amount of food you throw into your garbage disposal.

Lush, Spongy Grass Atop Your Septic Tank

While you might think that parched, dead grass atop your septic tank is a bad sign, the opposite is true. Manure, as many farmers would tell you, makes an exceptional fertilizer. So, if you haven’t been in touch with this septic maintenance company or others like it, the grass above your septic tank might have a wellspring of fertilizer right underneath it.

Lush grass in itself is not a bad thing if the entire yard has the same tone. However, if the grass right on top of your septic tank is far greener than the surrounding grass, you have a serious problem.

Water or Sewage Pool in the Yard

Septic system failure often leads to what looks like water pooling in your yard. Sometimes, it is in fact water caused by excessive rainfall or a high water table. However, we wouldn’t advise assuming that it’s water. Sometimes, the liquid that pools in your yard due to a flooded septic system is a mixture of sewage and water.

If allowing your system a few days to catch up doesn’t fix the flooding issue, then it might be time to call a plumber.

There’s a Stench You Can’t Get Rid Of

Sewage often smells like a mixture of methane and rotten eggs. While septic system problems are not the only cause of such issues, you should keep them in the front of your mind when your home starts smelling like a port-a-potty.

Red Flags Indicating Septic System Failure, Reviewed

So, what might be a sign of impending septic system failure? Water pools in your yard, slow to drain sinks, or backed-up drains might be some potential signs. A lingering stench or over-fertilized grass atop your tank might be another. However, if you see any of these signs, you should reach out to a plumber or maintenance company as soon as possible, lest you wind up with a several thousand dollar hole in your wallet.

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