These Are The 3 Best Ways To Invest In Gold Rather Than Buying Gold Coins

These Are The 3 Best Ways To Invest In Gold Rather 2020-World Executive Digest

World Executives Digest|These Are The 3 Best Ways To Invest In Gold Rather Than Buying Gold Coins|Buying gold in the form of jewelry has always been a big craze among people. Due to this people go and buy gold on special occasions. But however, there is one disadvantage to buying gold in the physical form like when you buy gold coins.

It does not generate any additional wealth for you except that it stays locked up in your locker for most of the year and is only worn on some special occasions like wedding parties, anniversaries, functions, birthday parties etc.

What Is The Major Setback That We Do Not Tend To Understand?

It seems that we have so much interest in buying gold that we take it emotionally and not think logically while buying the yellow metal. Just think is it adding any extra income or generating any wealth for you?

You might say that it will be required during a financial emergency where we can mortgage the gold jewelry and get loans. But not many of us actually do that. Why? Because as told earlier we do not think logically when we are to buy gold coins or jewelry.

We think that because it is so precious and valuable to us we should not lend or keep it with anyone else. Isn’t this the exact reason why our moms get so emotional when they have to mortgage or sell their jewelry during a financial crunch? We forget that it is just a metal after all.

So What Is The Alternate Form Of Investment In Gold?

There are lots of good investments that can be done other than buying gold coins or jewelry. Now, this does not mean that you will not buy any jewelry, but you should think very wisely over it. 

Physical gold will stay locked up and moreover be a headache for you because you don’t want your favorite necklace to be robbed right? And it has to be maintained and repaired from time to time and gives no return on investment except for a few ‘wow’ expressions. 

Investing in Gold Schemes

Instead of going to a shop to buy gold coins you can go and invest your money in gold schemes from banks and other investment houses. There are lots of ways to invest your money in gold and get a good return from it. You can invest in one go or keep investing an amount every month. Your return will depend on the rise and fall according to the global prices of gold. 

Gold ETFs

Instead of going to buy gold coins you can also invest in the gold ETFs. Gold is bought and sold as a commodity in the stock market. You can invest directly by purchasing gold in Demat form or have a gold SIPs. It is a good option and gives a healthy return over time.

Gold Bonds

Gold bonds are debt instruments that have a fixed return or interest rate attached to them. You can invest in gold buy buying a gold bond. It is a very good, safe and secure investment avenue than to buy gold coins or jewelry. If you are risk-averse by nature then also you can invest in the gold bonds because they have fixed maturity amount with them after a fixed time period.  

Final Verdict 

Buying gold is still fashionable but has become an old-fashioned idea because you do not get any monetary return for it. Instead, you have to think logically and get a return out of gold in the above-mentioned ways rather than to buy gold coins or jewelry.

You can gold jewelry but remember that you are also missing on the return part by buying physical gold.