These Are the Common Types of Wrongful Death Cases

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World Executives Digest | These Are the Common Types of Wrongful Death Cases | About 466 people die an accidental death each day. Although they are ultimately accidents, some may be caused by negligence. This means there is an opportunity to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

What is considered wrongful death? Read on to learn about the most common types of wrongful death cases.

Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are the most common types of wrongful death cases. This is due to the number of drivers on the road and how often they drive.

Vehicle accidents occur daily and they lead to death. Most fatalities are due to one of the driver’s being negligent. This could be due to reckless driving, speeding, being under the influence, or distracted driving.

If any of these things apply during a crash that leads to death, the negligent driver is liable. The city could be liable if a crash occurred because of road issues.

Medical Malpractice

Mistakes can, unfortunately, happen in the medical field. Even the most experienced and professional doctors can run into a medical malpractice issue.

Medical malpractice can cause wrongful death if medical personnel doesn’t follow procedures correctly, cut corners, or misses something. The most common types of medical malpractice are misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose. Surgical errors are also liable for wrongful death claims.

Work Accidents

Another one of the examples of wrongful death cases is accidents at work. Jobs that are of higher risk can cause workplace fatalities. However, even office jobs can put an employee at risk.

Defective Products

If a product is defective and causes someone to die, the manufacturer is held liable. Wrongful death cases are the reason why manufacturers test products before putting them on the market. Common products that can lead to wrongful death are toxic foods, unsafe children’s toys, defective pharmaceutical products, and defective cars.

Pedestrian Accidents

Accidents that involve pedestrians often lead to death because pedestrians don’t have protection. Drivers are usually liable in these situations. In some cases, the city may be liable if the driver could not see the pedestrian because of a lack of visible walkways.

Aviation Accidents

Accidents that happen in the air are rare. However, when they do occur, they cause a lot of fatalities.

Common causes of airplane accidents are pilot errors and mechanical issues. When a pilot makes an error, they are liable. If the plane goes down because of a mechanical issue, the airplane manufacturer is at fault.

An aviation accident can occur and should be handled accordingly. If you need to file a wrongful death claim, you can hire this attorney for help.

Wrongful Death Cases Explained

The wrongful death definition can include anything on this list. Although there are other ways a wrongful death can occur, these are the most common. Before hiring an attorney to help you with your claim, you need to understand these examples of wrongful death.

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