Things to Do When You Find a Blocked Drain

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Ashley Kinsela, WED | There could be several reasons behind the clogged drains. Tree roots growing into the drains, the buildup of soap, minerals or grease, disposal of food, toilet paper or other foreign items are some causes of blocked drains. If you find the draining of water is slow or there is bad odor or water pooling, then it should be understood that pipes are getting clogged. It is possible to unblock the drains via some home remedies. But, for serious problems like tree roots growing into pipes, the job requires experts who use the required equipment for drain unblocking.

Home remedies for unclogging drains

  • Baking soda and washing soda are some ingredients that you find in the kitchen of every home. You can prepare a mixture with 1/3 cup each of the 2 ingredients and pour the preparation in the clogged drain and leave overnight as part of your drain unblocking efforts. Alternatively, you  can mix one part of baking soda, one-part salt and four parts hot water and put down the drain, follow by flushing with hot water in the morning. You can, also, use washing powder detergents after mixing with water for clearing the blockages. Also, you can combine 3 cups of caustic soda with ¾ gallons of cold water and spurt down the drain and follow by flushing with hot water after 20-30 minutes for your drain unblocking initiatives.
  • You can also attempt the drain unblocking expeditions by pouring hot boiling water down the drain at regular intervals. This remedy is found to be the easiest solution for a clogged drain.
  • Wet and dry vacuum is available in different variations. You need to purchase one with good power for clearing stubborn clogs. Through setting the liquid vacuum on full power, it is possible to fully clear the drain.  
  • The regular hanger at home can, also, be used for clearing the blockage in the drain.  You need to unwind the neck of the hanger and straighten the bends. Then, the hook should be pushed and pulled repeatedly to unclog the drain.
  • Simple tools like millipede and single-use plastic stick can be used to clear the blockage of drains as well. First uncoil the millipede and then, insert into the drain and follow by pushing and pulling vigorously.
  • Drain snake and mini plungers can be used as well, to clear the blockages in the drain.

Hiring licensed plumber for unclogging drain

People ignore the small issues caused due to small blockages. These problems can grow with time and ultimately, cause major damage to the household plumbing. You can take drain unblocking measures yourself for small blockages during the initial stages and via applying the household remedies. Liquid drain cleaners   can, also, work well but, cause other damages in the long run; they can erode the pipes, causing further damage and can even get into the groundwater and result in pollution. It is, thus, ideal to call licensed and qualified plumbers for drain unblocking purposes.

Remember that one small clog can, in the long run, can lead to multiple blockages and also, lead to bursting of the pipes. Instead of trying your hands to clear them, you can hire plumbers who are experienced. They know ways to find the clogs in the drain and use the correct equipment, as part of the unclogging measures. They can not only clear the drain but also, prevent any further damage to the plumbing system of the house. Moreover, they can help in preventing any other blockages in the near future. So, to save time and money, it is ideal to give a call to the experts for unblocking the drains.