Things to Avoid When Disciplining Your Children

Things to Avoid When Disciplining Your Children
Things to Avoid When Disciplining Your Children

World Executive Digest | Things to Avoid When Disciplining Your Children | It’s crucial to instil discipline among your children. They’re easier to teach at a young age than when they’re older. If you fail to teach them the right values, you’re sending the wrong message.

Although teaching discipline is crucial, there are certain strategies that you need to avoid. They might seem effective but could have an adverse effect in the long run. These are some of the things to avoid if you want to discipline your children.

Scolding in public

Even if your child throws a tantrum in public, you shouldn’t scold them at that moment. Allow your child to express emotions and be as calm as you can. Once your child feels exhausted, you can talk in a soft voice and ask what’s wrong. You can also wait until you arrive home before you talk about what happened. Sure, it was humiliating, but your child’s feelings are more important than yours. Scolding in public could lead to a scar that leads to lifelong resentment.

Giving unclear instructions

When teaching your children good values, you need to be specific. For instance, if you told them that they did something wrong, you should point out what it was. If you tell your children to change their behaviour, you need to say exactly what to change. If you’re vague, your children will probably repeat the same behaviour. Adults can understand abstract concepts in implied meanings. Children don’t have those skills. If you can’t say what you wish to happen, you can’t expect any positive behavioural change.

Giving severe punishments

The use of rewards and punishments could be an excellent tool to modify behaviour. However, you need to select the strategies that will work for your children. Avoid giving severe punishments that will make them hate you more. For instance, starving them isn’t a good idea. It’s your responsibility to feed your children, and starving them could be an abusive practice. Spanking and other physical punishments are also a big no. Your children won’t appreciate what you did and will hold it against you as they grow up.

Freaking out

Your children misbehave because they feel confused. They are instances when they feel sick, and they don’t know what to do. They might also feel uncomfortable, and since they can’t speak, they express emotions through misbehaviour. If you freak out, it will only make things worse. You are the adult in the room, so you should act like it.

Think twice before doing anything

It’s easy to scold your children, especially if you don’t know what else to do. However, before doing anything, you need to think twice. It would help if you also changed punishments to an opportunity. For instance, if your child misbehaves, you can forgo the chance to play video games. It’s still a punishment, but it isn’t too severe.

Apart from looking at what’s wrong with your child, you should also assess your behaviour. Perhaps, you also have some issues as a parent. You don’t provide enough time and attention. Start by avoiding work-related tasks at home. You can also install an indoor playground from to have a fun activity with the entire family. Again, misbehaviours are a product of different issues. You need to admit that you might also have done something wrong, and would like to change.