Things to Do When Unemployed


Nancy Johnson, World Executives Digest |  Being unemployed is a bad spot to be in. while you should keep applying for jobs and improving your skills as per those in demand but that is no reason you should stay out of touch from the job market. See, the biggest concern anyone has, who is without a job is how he going to make money.

The debts and unpaid bills pile up and neither can you make progress by buying good items to eat or wear because you are caught up into saving every penny for the rainy day. Not that it’s not raining already (you are unemployed) but still you save hoping during this while things will work unless an absolute emergency kicks in.

How can you be productive while being unemployed and keep your life going, read on to find out.

Keep a schedule

When you are without a job, it is the best time when you can focus on developing a schedule for yourself. Not having a job is not all bad. You can do things you could not have imagined with the job. The first and the foremost thing in this is waking up early.

Do you know that top CEOs in the world wake in the wee hours of the morning and they meditate, exercise and read several pages of book? This gives them the upper hand when the whole world is sleeping to sharpen their mind.

In addition to above, you can also plan a proper meal for yourself. If during your job routine you used to miss out on breakfast (which is not the best meal of the day for nothing), you should eat a healthy breakfast. With this you will be better able to apply for jobs, appear for interviews and will just stay sharp. Higher levels of energy leads increased likelihood of landing a job soon.

Join a temp agency

When you are in between jobs, you can get productive (instead of becoming lazy) by joining a temp agency. Temp agency is one which offers you temporary employment say for few weeks or for some contractual period of time. During this you can keep on hunting for jobs but by the time you finally land one, you will be in a better position monetarily.

Work online

In the age of gig economy, many people are turning away from traditional full-time jobs to gig economy. This also includes doing outsourced work from the comforts of your home while being online. Call it freelancing or home based work but it allows you work at your pace and you don’t have to succumb to a 9-5 routine.

I am not saying that you should stop with a hunting for a day job but I mean, unless something better comes along why not give working online a go?! There are places such as Fiverr and has something for everyone. If you are a musician, you can compose music or write song lyrics for a $5 (since every gig is 5 dollars on Fiverr). If you are a digital marketing expert, you can cash in on your skills as a marketer etc.

Sure the pay is low but it is fuel for your financial engines instead of them running completely dry.


Volunteering is often looked down primarily because it does not pay. So what, if it does not pay? Why not enhance your resume by working as a volunteer and attach weight to it. Employers everywhere, prefers people who have contributed elsewhere as volunteers, say, to support a social cause or has participated in the organization of an event and so on.

Your experience multiplies and becomes diverse than that of mere person sitting at his desk job in a 6 by 6 cubicle.

See what you can sell

So the biggest question mark in the mind of a jobless person is where will he get his income from or how is he going to earn to keep his life afloat. During the period of unemployment, it is advisable to see thing that are just lying in your home and are of no use to you.

You can think of selling them. Set up a yard sale or even better, post pictures of a used car, gadgets such mobile phone or a camera, video games etc. online on platforms like eBay and you can earn a decent amount in exchange for these items.

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