Things You Should Avoid Wearing At Weddings!

Image Credit: | Things You Should Avoid Wearing At Weddings! | Weddings are special. You can never wear anything and everything that you feel like to a wedding and expect yourself to be appreciated by all out there! Maybe, they won’t speak anything on your face, but of course, you would not want to be their central topic of discussion, isn’t it? If you have a recent wedding party to attend in a few days and you seem to be banging your head, here are a few things that you should stay away from:

  • Avoid the whites

Yeah, you got that right! This is one of the most common mistakes that people tend to do! Stay away from the whites and make sure that you are wearing anything apart from this white shade, which includes similar colors like light blue or ivory as well. Don’t try to match the bride at any cost, instead be the trendsetter yourself!

  • Stay away from the sleeveless

Though there’s no such rule to be too open, then you are actually needed. Try out something that looks a bit traditional and conservative. Trust me; you can steal the limelight that way as well. Revealing your body doesn’t make you look stunning; it’s the way you carry yourself that decides it all. 

  • Stay away from a black tuxedo

The logic here is similar to that of the women dressed in whites and matching the bride. Of course, you would not want to count others as if you are the groom, or probably make them feel as if you are the next one to throw a wedding party. Wear something in a blazer, and it will be a happening contrast. 

  • Denim

Yeah, wearing denim or jeans would make you look too casual. Prefer not to try out that denim material at a wedding party. Try out something which is sober and decent to go with you! 

  • Flip flops

How can we forget about the shoes when at a party? Make sure that you aren’t wearing those flip-flops. Save them for your beach party instead! Also, do not try to experiment with those formal shoes either unless you are a guy. Women should rather try those high heels or stylish sandals. 

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