Time Is Money: What Types of Tasks in Your Company Are Ripe for Automation?

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The world of modern business relies heavily on automation. It’s important for a company to use this to grow and expand. Looking at what tasks in a business can be made better with the right automation will benefit a company. This may require changing from old methods that work but can be significantly improved with automation.


When it comes to finding the best possible employees, automation can make the process quicker and easier. This could include every step of the hiring process from résumé collection to providing candidate testing and more.


This is a very important aspect of doing business. There are now accounting programs that can do many things that previously required a bookkeeper. This includes recording financial transactions, tracking expenses and more. Most of these programs are designed for a person to get involved if more complex bookkeeping is necessary.

Marketing Content

In some companies, it is a full-time position to find and sort marketing content. This includes locating images, hashtags and more to use as part of marketing campaigns. There are now programs that can do this with a higher rate of efficiency than most people.

Tracking Mileage

When a company has its employees track their mileage for expense reporting purposes, it can be inaccurate and take an excessive amount of time. There are computer programs that can do this automatically. A company’s driver simply has to start the tracking for their route. The program can be made to only work during business hours and more.


This is a significant part of doing business. Many companies use third parties or pay in-house staff to help them with cybersecurity. There are now programs able to automatically detect and react against any type of suspicious cyber activity. It can then provide a detailed instant report.

Time Sheets

There are some companies that still use time sheets and old time cards. There are now programs available that can accurately keep track of an employee’s time on the job. It can alert employees when it is time to submit their time sheet and provide them a time sheet they can agree with or change.

Tracking Expenses

There are programs available that make it possible to easily scan travel receipts when on a business trip. These scanned receipts can then be used to create a very accurate expense report that accounting will appreciate.

Customer Service

This can improve the reliability of a company. There is software that can automate customer support and provide important customer feedback. It can also provide an effective ticket tracking process for a company. This will produce valuable analytics as well as important reporting. A company can see its progress and where changes must be made.

Business Training

Companies like itpro.tv know there are many ways automation can help a business train its employees. When it is possible for an employee to receive training wherever they have an internet connection, it greatly increases training opportunities and success. Videos of training sessions can be made for employees and this will provide them with more control over when they experience the required training.

There are many areas of a business that can experience significant improvement with the right automation. This will require upgrading from the traditional manual methods of doing certain things. This often results in a company realizing how beneficial automation is for them and making every effort to actively embrace it.