Tips for Online Shoe Shopping

Online Shoe Shopping
Image source: | Tips for Online Shoe Shopping | While shopping for tops and bottoms can be done rather easily, looking for footwear online can be a true nightmare. That is especially true if you never know whether a pair of new pumps will be too snug or not, or if your sandals will look exactly the same in person as they look on the website. If you’ve been having doubts about shopping for shoes online, we’re here to reassure you and help you get the best pair of shoes every time, without having to worry they’ll feet or that they’ll arrive in the first place.

Take the right measures of your feet

Once you decide to order shoes online, you need to know your foot size. Your foot size will change over time due to age, pregnancy, weight gain, fluid retention, and other factors. That’s why you should make sure that you measure your foot before you order new shoes. Considering shoe sizes tend to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, it would be good to know the length of your foot and check out the trademark’s size chart before making a purchase. You can easily measure your foot at home by putting your foot on a piece of paper. Hold a pen vertically, put a dot where your longest toe ends and another one where your heel ends. Take a ruler and measure the distance between the two dots to determine the length of your foot. Once you’ve got the measurement in centimetres, look up your shoe size in the store’s chart.

Different shoe models require different sizes

If you’ve determined you’re a size 7, for instance, you should know that it doesn’t have to mean that you will order every shoe model in that size. Shoes with a pointed nose, for instance, will require you to order a size larger than yours. That way, the model won’t pinch or feel snug anywhere. For people with wide feet, pointed shoes or shoes with a seam at the widest part of the foot might not be the best choice.

Look for trustworthy stores

Once you decide to shop for shoes online, it’s essential that you look for trustworthy sellers. Today, you can run into a myriad of fake stores that are out there to get your money and never send you what you ordered. That is especially unsettling for people who choose to order shoes from a different country. The last thing you need is ordering footwear from Australia to Europe, for instance, and ending up with a pair of socks instead of elegant pumps. Therefore, when you decide to buy women’s shoes in Australiamake sure you check all the store reviews. The reliable history of a store is one of the signs that you won’t be tricked. Does the shop have a physical shop too? If so, then you have nothing to worry about. When shopping online, you need to make sure that the site uses SSL certificates and/or PayPal. Those are some of the most secure online payment methods. Stick to professional-looking websites with a decent track record. That way you’ll be sure you will get the products that you paid for.

Check the return policies

Before you order shoes online, make sure you check the fine print in the retailer’s sales and returns policy. You need to know how long it’ll take for the shoes to be returned to Australia, for instance, and if you can return them at all. On top of that, some retailers will pay for return shipping while others won’t, and you should be aware of the options you have. Check how the refunds are processed, so you don’t end up wasting your money.

If you’ve been having second thoughts about shopping for shoes online, there’s nothing to worry about. Today, you can easily detect fishy online stores, so all you need to think about is the right shoe model for you. As long as you measure your feet well, and look for all the red flags, you won’t have to worry about buying the wrong pair of shoes or ending up without them.