Tips on Garden Renovation & Maintenance

Garden Renovation

Zac Ferry, WED | A beautiful and well-kept house is owner’s pride. Everyone loves to flaunt a well-manicured garden in front of their porch. However, the challenge of renovating and maintaining the garden is a daunting task. Apart from sheer challenging work, a lot of skill is also required to ensure that everything is in order. Now, you do not need to fret on this, if you have a garden space to flaunt, then we have tips on garden renovation and maintenance to help you sail through the tide.

Firstly, here are instances when you need to undertake a garden renovation project in hand.

  1. Overgrown plants
  2. Unable to Maintain the present layout
  3. Want to completely change the looks of the garden
  4. Want to update the way the layout is done to enhance the same.


Once, you have decided on this project, here are some tips on going about the task

  • Make a list of things you want to do.
  • Take a plain paper and make a layout that you want to implement.
  • Make a list of new plants that you want.
  • Chalk out a plan on how you will treat your existing plants.

Here are some Tips on garden renovation and Maintenance that will come handy.


# Be Prepared to Start from Ground Zero:

Garden RenovationAt times, it is difficult to navigate your way through an existing garden. An existing garden will have various issues in terms of improper irrigation, the layout of plants and so on. It is difficult to address so many issues in an existing framework. So, be prepared to uproot your existing plants, move your stone path and start from ground zero. When you start fresh it might cost you a bit more but will be easier. Also, when you are starting from scratch you can take professional help to chalk out a proper layout plan for them.

# Select the Flowers and Plants with Care:

Once your list of existing plants is made, see the changes which you want to bring about. While drawing up a fresh list of plants and flowers that you want to sprout in your garden, ensure that you keep factors like climatic conditions, quality of water and soil and upcoming seasons in mind. Also, make a proper layout of the plants to be planted. Keep in mind the way it will look once they sprout up and the amount of space they will command. This is the most important tip.

# Consider Opting for Layers:

A well maintained layered or tiered garden is a sight to see. No matter how big your garden is, ensure that it is well structured and is in defined layers. Once the layers are well crafted, the flowers will seem more prominent than before.  

# Opt for a Landscape Design:

Garden RenovationA sure shot way to ensure that your garden is your pride and neighbors envy is to have a well laid out landscape. Include small detailing like a footbridge, a toadstool, a small dwarf house, fountain and so on. These small touches add a majestic look and feel to your garden completely.

# Remember to Maintain Your Garden:

No matter what artistic touches you might have incorporated in your garden unless kept well, it looks unruly. Ensure that you regularly manicure your garden and maintain it to the best of your ability. Remember to water your plants regularly and add fertilized soil at regular intervals to increase fertility in plants.

The above were a few tips on garden renovation and maintenance. Though it is a tough job many insist that if done regularly it acts as a therapeutic medicine.