Tips on Training New Employees for the Front Desk

by Jared Lewis, studioD | via Small Business 

Front desk employees can be essential to the success of a business. These employees are the first that a customer encounters upon entry into your business, so it is essential that your employees present the most positive image possible. One way you can ensure that your front desk employees provide the best service possible is to provide them with the training that reflects the image your company wishes to convey.

Training Manuals

One way to effectively train employees for front desk operations is to create an operations manual that clearly lays out the role of the front desk receptionist. This training manual should provide a detailed account of all duties that the front desk receptionist will be expected to complete throughout the course of her day. Make this the starting point for training by requiring the receptionist to read and test over the information found in the manual. This will ensure that the information is solidified in her mind before she begins representing your company.


Another way to ensure the highest level of customer service is to either hire a customer service trainer or to appoint one within your company. This training should be as thorough as possible to ensure that the front desk receptionist provides the highest possible level of customer service on behalf of your organization. The trainer should cover basic skills like answering the telephone, greeting customers and other forms of communication that will be a regular part of the employee’s workday.

Sales Training

Providing front desk employees with some level of sales training will also benefit your organization. Sales training will introduce the employee to important communications skills that will make him a better front desk receptionist. Depending upon the nature of your industry, it may also allow you to increase company revenue if the opportunity exists for front desk staff to sell products or services. This will also give the employee the opportunity to increase her own income and have a greater stake in the well-being of the company.


Provide your employees with the best software packages available for your industry to ensure that they have the opportunity to operate as efficiently as possible. Formal training on using the software can provide your company with a higher level of service as employees gain the opportunity to use software packages with the highest levels of technology. For instance, in health clubs and gyms, software that allows staff to sell products, check in members automatically and access member account information can all increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.