Tips to Pack Moving Boxes If You are Moving Somewhere

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Justin Jersey, World Executives Digest |  If you are moving to your new address, then it is quite irritating because there is so much work you have. First, you need to pack everything you have in your house, and then load on a truck to move at the new address. Packing moving boxes are quite difficult as you need to have some skills to do this task. Imperfection in packing can damage or break your home accessories. In that case, you need to know how to pack moving boxes. Here, you can find some tips about packing home accessories that can help you to move to your new address without damaging anything.


  • Invest in right moving boxes


When it comes to packing moving boxes, you should never go to old or used or recycled boxes. If you choose the old one, it will never provide safety about your treasured objects. Though the old boxes seem to be a good condition but deliver poor service. On the other hand, double corrugated, and specially designed moving boxes provide less risk of breaking and damaging accessories. Some professional companies stock a wide range of moving boxes. You can choose

  • Flexi Art-Pak boxes in order to protect frame pictures
  • Fashion-Pak to protect valuable clothes
  • Electronics-Pak to protect electronic equipment
  • Readers-Pak to keep books, and solid constructions and other packing boxes are available in the market that you can choose.


  • Assemble the material which is required


After purchasing the quality boxes, the second stage is how to pack boxes. Thus, you need to purchase some materials that are important to pack moving boxes. In short, you required some important objects such as

  • Bubble wrap
  • Box cutters
  • Packing tape
  • Tape dispenser
  • Scissors
  • Permanent markers
  • Packing papers: packing paper should be white, and you should avoid using the old newspaper because the black ink can stain on your treasures.

If you do not want to delay the packaging work, then you must buy these items in enough amounts. These accessories can help in packing moving boxes easily, and you can save much of your time.


  • Reinforce enough the base of box


Start with the base of the moving box. The moving box is secured if you secure its base. Many people spend much time in packing moving boxes, but they avoid reinforcing the base of the box, thus smashing their costly objects all over the floor. Follow these instructions to reinforce the base-

  • Use enough packing tape to avoid any possible breakage
  • Use plenty of tape along flaps and edges which should be sealed perfectly
  • Safe the corner with enough packing tape even they are already sealed
  • At the parallel and perpendicular angle place enough strips across the entire base of moving box


  • Create a soft interior


The soft interior is most important to keep the treasure safe. During moving from one to another address, your valuable treasures will move around the box inside. If you didn’t make a soft base of moving box, then there is more probability of getting damaged. On the other hand, you can use a thick layer of bubble wrap or also use packaging packer that can help you to protect the voluble accessories. The cushion also helps you to prevent falling items from the bottom. Do not prefer hard objects or newspaper that it is said above that the ink or hard material can damage your valuable accessories.


  • Fill moving boxes


When it comes to filling moving boxes, many people randomly pick objects and fill into the box. But here, you need to use your common sense. You need to pick heavy items at first to be placed on the bottom. This creates balance while you are moving. If you fill heavy item on the top, then there is a probability of damaging lighter items and toppling it during movement. If you create balance while filling heavy or lightweight objects, this will help you make easy moving process. Also, the boxes will be more comfortable to carry if you keep heavy items at the bottom of the moving box.


  • Do not overfill boxes


It is quite common that people overfill box which is recipe for disaster. First, it is dangerous for both you and your valuable items and secondly, overfilling is more prone to breakage. Most of the packaging experts recommend that each box should include a weight that can be carried by a single person. About 20kg is enough weight if you are filling moving box. It is safe for you. Also, you need to make extra efforts to move heavy moving boxes. On the other hand, lighter boxes are easy to carry.


  • Fill excess space


It is said above that overfilling is dangerous thus you should fill enough items that can be carried by one person. If you filled the moving box, but there is access spaces then you need to fill it because the free space allows moving objects around the box inside. In that case, you can choose wrap bubbles or packaging papers to fill free space. This will prevent valuable accessories to get damaged. Also, it helps you to carry a moving box from one to another place easily.


  • Secure moving box at the top


It is a difficult process of securely tapping the box at the top side. As you have carefully reinforced the bottom, you need to tap the top can help you to avoid breakage. If you seem to force the top for tapping, it means the moving box is overfilled. Just remove extra item then fix the top. Top flaps, edges, and corners should be tightly taped with no pressure against on the tape. This will help you to secure flaps.


  • Label your moving box


Now, it is time to label on your box that can help you to identify the particular one. You can mention something on the label that will help you to recognize the particular box.

These are some steps that you have to follow if you are looking to move to your new address. Invest some amount on right moving boxes that can help you to protect valuable home accessories.