Tips To Select The Right Dahua IP Camera To Ensure Security

Tips To Select The Right Dahua IP Camera To Ensure Security | Tips To Select The Right Dahua IP Camera To Ensure Security | The changing social environment is raising concern among the house owners regarding security within their premises. Although many homeowners have already installed CCTV cameras, the lower resolution of the analog cameras and the limited field of vision makes it difficult to use the cameras to detect or prevent criminal activities. 

With the launch of the IP cameras, there has been a massive improvement in the CCTV surveillance system. The dahua IP camera is now a popular product among homeowners due to its myriad benefits like a high-quality picture, better resolution, and a wider field of vision.

Selecting the Right Model

There are many IP camera manufacturers launching new products frequently in the market. But all the IP cameras are not of good quality. So, it is essential to know how to buy the right camera like the dahua IP camerawhich will serve the purpose appropriately. Almost all IP cameras have the alarm trigger or motion detectors. They can detect the unauthorized login, storage anomalies and video tempering activities. But dahua IP camera can change the triggers even during a change of scene, which is quite innovative.   

  • Algorithm for image coding compression:

Don’t start wondering how to understand the technical jargon. All you must know is that the camera’s performance depends a lot on the good and bad algorithm for encoding and compression of the images. There are two types of chips available in the market for encoding and compression processing for the video images of the high-definition cameras-n ASIC chips and ZDSP carriers. 

  • DSP chips are flexible in functions and need a short development cycle. But it has low coding efficiency and quite expensive.
  • However, the ASIC chip has fixed functions and their coding efficiency is comparatively higher, and the cost is also reasonable due to large-scale use. 

The dahua IP camera has a good video algorithm for video encoding and compression to reduce the video code stream. The storage capacity need will be low too, which also endures better image clarity and quality.

  • Colour reproduction

The resolution of the dahua IP camera should be high for better display and no distortion on zooming in.

The display resolution indicates the display pixels’ number per unit area. Image resolution refers to the quantity of stored information in the image, which implies the number of pixels per inch of the image.

  • D1 is the standard display format of any digital television system.
  • 720P display format can achieve the resolution of 1280* 720 under progressive scanning. The letter P stands for Progressive scan.
  • 960 P display format achieves 1280*960 resolution under progressive scan. 
  • 1080P display format can achieve 1920* 1080 resolution. 

So, you can now check the specifications and buy the camera. Dahua IP Camera

  • The ratio of signal to noise

To measure the performance of the dahua IP camera, you have t see the level of noise suppression in the picture. The low-end cameras can only provide a clear output when the surrounding has an ideal state with 100 Lux. Only the best quality cameras can offer bright processing of the dark blocks, and you can get high-definition images even when the light is poor.

  • Clarity test

And of course, it is essential to judge the image video sharpness before investing in the dahua IP cameraYou can use the image sharpness test card, which helps to distinguish the sharpness of an image. 

Now that you know how to choose a good quality IP camera, you should follow the tips and buy the right one. Choosing a reputed manufacturer is always a good idea for such companies that are consistent in quality maintenance.