Top 10 Swimsuit Trends to Follow in 2021

Top 10 Swimsuit
Image source: | Top 10 Swimsuit Trends to Follow in 2021 | Fashion changes every year. Typically, when it comes to swimwear, women stick to classic choices that worked for them. But if you want to follow current trends and experiment with new looks, you might want to check swimwear trends in 2021. There is no excuse not to get crucial vitamin D even if you are cooped up because of the pandemic. Wear stylish swimwear on your yard, balcony, or backyard, and soak in the healing rays of the summer. Fortunately, you can browse these current fashions in bikinis online stores at the comfort of your home.


A top trend this year is the integration of underwire in swimwear. Fashion designers are consistently looking for innovative ways to support the female figure, and underwires provide an extra lift. Be confident in your next trip to the beach, browse bikinis online stores, and choose designs with underwire cup support that enhances your silhouette.

Lurex material

Lurex is ubiquitous. The shimmery and iridescent nature of Lurex provides you with a sparkling look on sunny days. Choose Lurex material in shades of purple, bright turquoise blues, magentas, as well as black.

Ruffle trim

One of the exciting trends is ruffles, according to fashion experts. Designers play with classic silhouettes by incorporating ruffle details on shoulder straps and seams. Choose subtle iterations of this trend that looks minimalistic and modern.

Multitasking swimwear

A huge trend this year is multitasking swimwear. Designers try to create pieces that have various applications. It is crucial to focus on how to consume less and buy better products.

You can wear your swimwear with a mailot design with jeans. You can also style a bikini top with a skirt or layer a sheer dress over a high waisted two-piece. It is a versatile and stylish look regardless of where you wear it. For outings and errands, pairing multitasking swimwear with casual pieces gives you a laid-back beach style.

Modern prints 

In every season, a playful batch of prints comes up. Fashion designers explore and revisit timeless motifs. This year’s trend is modernized versions of classical prints, including florals, polka dots, leopards, and tie-dye. Designers invigorate designs for a fresh look. It provides modern silhouettes with a new twist.

Minimalist swimsuits

Clean, simple, as well as classic silhouettes, are a top look for the season. Fashion experts highlight one piece, one-shoulder necklines, and bikinis. If you want a more pared-back profile, fun colours provide a sophisticated but straightforward effect. 

Floss Straps

As the name suggests, flosses are teeny tiny straps for a barely-there look. These are awesome if you don’t want tan lines. But be warned, you might not like the fact that these designs do not provide optimal coverage.


Another option is the loincloth trend design in bikinis. It features ruched or scrunched up material. It is a skin-baring trend, which is the rage this summer. Numerous influencers and trendsetters sport the look, and it is something to try out for the new year.

Clear straps

As the name suggests, clear straps are transparent and see-through. It gives the illusion that straps are nonexistent, and nothing is there.

Ultra-high cut

Ultra-high cuts are nostalgic and are a nod to retro style. Wearing this swimmer design can make you ultra-cool and sensual on the beach. However, some women may not be comfortable baring too much skin. You might want to hit the gym to make sure you’re in top form before trying out this look. 


You may have several swimsuit pieces in your closet that are classic and reliable. But as you enter the new year, you may want to switch up your style and purchase trending swimwear fashions. Get bold and try a new look for the summer.